Framing The Constitution Class 12 History Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

Please refer to Framing The Constitution Class 12 History Important Questions given below. These solved questions for Framing The Constitution have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 12 History all chapters.

Class 12 History Framing The Constitution

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question. What was the ideals expressed in the Objectives Resolutions?
Ans. India was declared as independent sovereign republic.

Question. What was the Instrument of accession?
Ans. Princely states acceded to India by signing an instrument of accession.

Question. What are the ideals of the objective Resolution presented by Jawaharlal Nehru?
Ans. 1.India as sovereign republic.
2. Justice, equality and fraternity.
3. Safeguards to minorities.
4. Democracy, socialism, peace, human welfare.

Question. What are the recommendations of the Constituent Assembly of India regarding the protection of depressed castes?
Ans. DR. Ambedkar demanded separate constituencies for the depressed classes.

Question. Who thought Hindusthani should be the national language?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Short Answer Questions :

Question. Why did Mahatma Gandhi believe that Hindustani should be the official language of India?
And. 1. Because, it was the language of common people.
2. Most of the regional language of India was very close to the Hindustani.
3. It was a combination of sensitized Hindi and Persianised Urdu.
4. It was a multi-cultural language.

Question. Why was Govind Ballabh Pant against the separate electorate?
Ans. 1.Because this will isolate the minorities from the rest of the community.
2. Majorities will never convert to majority.
3. He was against the divide loyalties.

Question. How was the centre made more powerful and strong by the constituent Assembly?
Ans. Most of the members of the constituent assembly were in favour of strong central government for India. Even Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wanted a strong centre as he felt. Writing a letter to the president of the constituent assembly, that “it would be injurious to the interests of the country to provide for a weak central authority” He was, in fact, convinced that only a strong central government could ensure peace and stability.
The following points make it clear that several attempts were made the centre more strong and powerful;
1] The Union list contained more subjects than the state list.
2] Regarding the concurrent list, the centre and the state shared responsibility. But in case of any disputes centre’s decision is recommended.

Long Answer Questions :

Question. Why did Mahatma Gandhi think Hindusthani should be the national language?
Ans. A. Mahatma Gandhi felt that Hindusthani was a language that the common people could easily understand.
B. Hindustan which was a blend of Hindi and Urdu was popular among a large section of the People. Moreover it was a composite language enriched by the interaction of diverse cultures.
C. Over the years words and terms from many different sources had been incorporated into this language making it easily understood by people from various regions.
D. According to Mahatma Gandhi Hindusthani would be the ideal language of communication between diverse communities. It would help to unify Hindus and Muslims and the people from the north and south.
E. From the end of the 19th century onwards language became associated with the politics of religious identities. Hindustani also began to change but Gandhiji retained his faith in the
composite character of Hindustani.

Question. What were the challenges before the constituent assembly?
Ans. 1. In India there was different languages, religiousness cultures.
2. Country was going through constitutional turmoil.
3. The problem with separate electorates.
4. The division of rights between state and central government.
5. The language of the Nation (National Language).
6. The problem of SC/CT and other depressed castes.

Framing The Constitution Class 12 History Important Questions