Human Resource Practices MCQ with Answers


Students should go through the Human Resource Practices MCQ with Answers provided below. Human Resource Practices is an important topic for various commerce and competitive examinations. It’s important to practice as many MCQ Questions with Answers for HR Practices as it will help them to practice and gain more expertise. Our team of expert faculty has designed questions with multiple-choice based on the latest examination pattern issued by various institutes. This will help them to gain understanding, have stronger concepts and get a better score in exams.

MCQ with Answers for Human Resource Practices

Please click on the chapter wise links provided below for various topics. All multiple choice questions provided here are with solutions so that you can compare them with your answers.

Unit 1 Introduction to Strategic HRM
Unit 2 Executive Compensation
Unit 3 Organizational Development
Unit 4 Employee Grievance & Discipline
Unit 5 E- Human Resource
Human Resource Practices MCQ with Answers

Human resources Practice is an important topic that is covered in various exams. This subject should be very carefully studied by students as this not just helps in exams but will be very useful throughout their career. There are various important chapters in the books for Human Resources, we have covered all major chapters above and have provided a great collection of MCQ-based questions.

Students can practice these questions just before their exams to test their understanding. You should also read carefully notes for HR Practices provided by us on our website. Post that you should practice these objective questions and use them daily. You will be able to score better ranks in competitive exams which are going to be conducted this year.

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