Intro. to Information Technology Class 8 Computer Science Important Questions

Important Questions Class 8

Students can read the important questions given below for Intro. to Information Technology Science Class 8 Computer Science. All Intro. to Information Technology Science Class 8 Notes and questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. You should read all notes provided by us and Class 8 Computer Science Important Questions provided for all chapters to get better marks in examinations. Computer Science Question Bank Class 8 is available on our website for free download in PDF.

Important Questions of Intro. to Information Technology Science Class 8

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question: What is Information Technology?
Ans: Information Technology is also known as IT. It is a technology that is related with Computer Hardware and  Software. It is used to process, store and transfer information. Information Technology plays a big and important role in the progress of any country. It is changing the way of our life style, learning, playing and working.

Question: What do you mean by online and offline?
Ans: Online and Offline are the technical terms used in the world of internet. Following description
explain these terms:

Intro. to Information Technology Class 8 Computer Science Important Questions

Question: What is Website?
Ans: A website is a collection of one or more web pages grouped under the same domain. Pages of website are linked together with the help of hyperlinks. Each web page has a unique address which is known as Uniform Resource Locater (URL). The very first page of a website is called its Home Page. To view the contents of web sites/pages, we have to use web browsers.

Question: What is searching?
Ans: Searching means finding something. Searching on internet is performed when we do not know the URL of web pages that have information to be searched. Search Engines are used to search the information on the world wide web. GOOGLE and BING are the most popular search engines.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question: What is Net Banking? Explain?
Ans: Net Banking is also known as Online Banking. Net banking has completely changed the way of working of banks. We can do many banking activities from home with the help of internet. Following are some of the common activities that we can do from home using Net Banking:
• We can get details of our bank accounts
• We can do bill payments of Electricity etc.
• We can transfer funds to other accounts from our own accounts
Banks that provide the facility of net-banking are also known as Virtual Banks, Cyber Banks or Web Bank.

Question: Write the steps to view on line result.
Ans: Following process can be followed to view the online result:
1. First of all, open any web browser.
2. Now, type the URL of website having result.
3. Select the session and class details for which we want to view the result.
4. Fill the details that are required to view the result-such as roll no, name of student etc.

Intro. to Information Technology Class 8 Computer Science Important Questions

5. Now Click on the Search Result Link/Button

Question: Explain the Need of Information Technology?
Ans: Following uses in different areas shows the need of Information Technology:
1. IT in Business and Industry: Information Technology is required in Business and Industry to make the processing of work easier.
2. IT in Homes: Information Technology is required in homes for the purpose of education, communication and  entertainment.
3. IT in Training: Information Technology is required for the training purpose in the field of schools, colleges and in many other areas.

Question: Explain about on-line shopping?
Ans: Online shopping is a form of doing Electronic Commerce. It allows us to purchase goods and services from home using the internet. We can do online shopping at any time from any corner of the world. The bill payments of online shopping can be paid with the help of Credit/Debit Cards or Net Banking etc. The purchased items will be delivered to our home by the merchant. AMAZON, FLIPKART etc. are the popular e-commerce sites for online shopping

Question: Write a note on Mobile Technology
Ans: Mobile technology is a portable technology. This technology is a part of Information Technology. Mobile  technology makes it possible to communicate with the places of the world that are very far from us. It has completely changed the face of communication. Following are some important uses of mobile technology:
1. Education
2. Surveys and Polling
3. Banking
4. Data Analysis

Intro. to Information Technology Class 8 Computer Science Important Questions