The Hack Driver Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to The Hack Driver Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for The Hack Driver have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English The Hack Driver Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How did Lutkins’ mother receive the narrator?
Ans. At last Lutkins took the narrator to meet his mother.
Lutkins mother came out of the kitchen with an iron from the old stove. She marched on the narrator shouting loud. This frightened him and he retreated, making a fool of himself.

Question. Why did the narrator think of fleeing to his hometown to practice law?
Ans. The narrator was a junior assistant clerk in a law firm where he had the job of serving summons. He hated this work as it took him to the wrong side of the city where he had been beaten up too by the people. This is why he had considered fleeing to his hometown and practicing law there.

Question. With what impression did the lawyer come back to the city?
Ans. The lawyer returned to the city with a good impression. In fact, he even thought about practising law at New Mullion. The people here were deep,compassionate and humans. They were simple, wise,good and helpful. The place was simply ‘a treasure’ for him.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Why did the narrator decide to practise law in New Mullion? What happened to this plan in his second visit?
Ans. The narrator joined a law firm as a junior assistant clerk and was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins. New Mullion was a town in the countryside. It was about forty miles away. The narrator found the town dirty. But a man helped him to search Lutkins. The man offered his hack on hire to the narrator. The narrator found the people slow-spoken, simple and wise. They were very helpful too. So, he pictured that he would practise law there.
But in his second visit, that picture was totally changed. The man who had hired his hack to the narrator was Lutkins himself. So Lutkins himself had deceived the narrator. This changed the image of New Mullion in narrator’s mind.

Question. I charged the whole thing to the firm. But it would have been worth paying him myself to have his presence. His cheerful country wisdom was very refreshing to a country boy like myself who was sick of the city. As we sat on the hilltop, looking over the pastures and creek which slipped among the trees, he talked of New Mullion, and painted a picture in words
of all the people in it.
(a) What was the charge finally?
(b) How do you think it took such a long time for Bill to hunt down Lutkins?
Ans. (a) The final charge was more than 12 dollars as they had taken six hours to search for Lutkins at two dollars per hour including lunch.
(b) It took such a long time for Bill to hunt down and fail to find Lutkins because everytime he ended up at a place where Lutkins could be, he came with the response that Lutkins had escaped.

Question. Lutkins was really a ‘hard fellow to catch’. Explain on the basis of the story ‘The Hack Driver’?
Ans. The lawyer from the city who comes to serve summons on Lutkins does not recognize him. He had never seen Lutkins or did he have any image or photograph of him. This absence of identity proof helped Lutkins in fooling the lawyer and pretending to be someone else named Bill. Lutkins used this to his advantage and takes the lawyer on a merry ride
around the village pretending to be someone else and helping him catch himself. This craftiness makes him a very hard fellow to catch. He not only avoids being served summons by the lawyer but he also earns money off him for looking for himself. He befriends the lawyer and earns his confidence easily and then proceeds to befool him throughout the day.
Lutkins really is a hard fellow to catch.

Question. Give a character sketch of Lutkins.
Ans. Lutkins was a wise, clever and crafty man. He need no certificate of his qualities when summons is meant for him. And he also proves himself capable of these summons. Clearly, he has done something wrong or illegal and he doesn’t mend himself. He deceives the narrator repeatedly. He poses before him as Bill or Magnuson and befools him. So, he is
really a genius at befooling people. He convinces the narrator that he himself has to take some money from Lutkins. He confuses him by saying that Lutkins was seen at various places a few minutes ago. Finally, he takes the narrator to his own house and shows him his mother. This impresses the narrator.

The Hack Driver Class 10 English Important Questions