The Proposal Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to The Proposal Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for The Proposal have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English The Proposal Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What do you learn about Natalya from the play, ‘The Proposal’ ?
Ans. Natalya is the only daughter of the landowner Chubukov. She was very possessive about her land and was very determined not to part with it. She was a short tempered lady who used to quarrel with anyone very often. She always pinpointed the amount of help she had offered to her neighbours. Though well educated, she did not use her education wisely and thoughtfully.

Question. Why did Lomov go to the house of Chubukov ? 
Ans. Lomov, a rich bachelor, went to the house of Chubukov to propose Natalya, the daughter of Chubukov, for marriage. Though Lomov was not in love with her but he felt that she was a good housekeeper, beautiful and well educated. He also felt it was time he should settle down.

Question. Chubukov says to Lomov, “And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son.” Is he sincere in saying so?
Ans. Chubukov says to Lomov, “And I’ve always loved you, muy angel, as if you were my own son.” But he is not sincere in saying so. Chubukov didn’t have a good opinion about Lomov. He thought that he had come there to ask for some money. He changed his stand only when he came to know that Lomov wanted to marry Natalya, his daughter. It was something that Chubukov always wanted.

Question. How does the argument about Oxen Meadows start?
Ans. Lomov was very nervous to propose to Natalya, so instead of proposing to her, he starts talking about the harvest and how his Oxen Meadows touch Natalya’s Birchwoods. Hearing him claim the ownership of Oxen meadows, Natalya gets enraged and says that they only belong to their family. She claims that his aunt’s grandmother gave them these Meadows to use for free in return of some favour. She further says that they have had them for nearly 300 years even though they are worth 300 roubles.

Question. How did Chubukov react when Lomov asked for the hand of his daughter in marriage? 
Ans. Chubukov was extremely cheerful and excited when Lomov asked for the hand of his daughter in marriage. he embraced and kissed Lomov on his forehead and shed tears of joy. He exclaimed with happiness that it was his heartfelt desire. he was of the opinion that Lomov would turn out to be the perfect match for his daughter, so he showered his blessings upon Lomov after hearing this.

Question. NATALYA: Yes, yes… they’re ours. LOMOV: No, you’re mistaken, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, they’re mine. NATALYA: Just think, Ivan Vassilevitch! How long have they been yours? LOMOV: How long? As long as I can remember. NATALYA: Really, you won’t get me to believe that! LOMOV: But you can see from the documents, honoured Natalya Stepanovna.
(a) What are the speakers talking about?
(b) What has been the initial topic of conversation?
Ans. (a) The speakers, Natalya and Lomov are talking about Owen Meadows lying in between Natalya’s property’s birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh.
(b) The conversation had been started by Lomov and he wanted to propose to Natalya for marriage. The topic had not cropped up and they began fighting over Owen Meadows.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Describe how Lomov, Natalya and Chubukov insist that their dogs are better.
Ans. After the verbal fight Lomov goes out in anger. Chubukov repeats that Lomov had come to propose her. At this point, Natalya asked her father to fetch Lomov in. When he comes, Natalya asks politely when he is going hunting. Lomov says that his dog Guess has gone lame. Natalya says it is a great pity. Lomov confess that his dog Guess is the best but Natalya says that their dog Squeezer costed 85 roubles. Natalya replies that Squeezer has a pure breed. But Lomov says that Squeezer’s lower jaw is shorter than the upper one. Natalya calls Squeezer a better dog. Lomov contradicts that Guess is better. Even Chubukov says that Guess is old. Lomov says that on the Marusinsky hunt, other dogs ran after a fox. But Squeezer runs after a sheep which shows he is weak.

Question. Natalya and Ivan argued about the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the superiority of their respective dogs in the play, The Proposal. Imagine yourself as the playwright of the play. Based on your understanding of the personality traits of Natalya and Ivan, write a dialogue based on an imaginary event, show casing another argument between them.
Ans. LOMOV: I’m thinking of calling an expert to assess my garden of roses for the Annual St. Petersburg Best Roses Contest. Honoured Natalya Stepanovna, you do know that we have the best roses in town. NATALYA: I don’t think so, Ivan Vassilevitch as the entire town knows that OUR roses are the most fragrant and beautiful in Russia. LOMOV: Er….I don’t know. [sighs] I have never heard anything of the sort, but I have heard of the praises heaped on my garden. I pay my gardener 125 roubles every month to tend to my garden. NATALYA: It is too much, Ivan Vassilevitch. Papa gives 85 roubles for his garden, and our garden heaps better than yours. LOMOV: Yours better than Mine? What a claim! [laughs] NATALYA: Of course ours is better! Our garden is newer than yours but in terms of fragrance and quality of roses, our flowers are infinity better. LOMOV: I have seen those roses. And they do not stand a chance in winning the contest. It is all about originality you see? NATALYA: There’s some demon of contradiction in you today, Ivan Vassilevitch. You should get your facts right and then try to pass off your lies as truth.

Question. Chekov has used humour and exaggeration in the play to comment on courtship in his time. Illustrate with examples from the lesson, ‘The Proposal’. Also mention the values, you think, any healthy relationship requires.
Ans. The Proposal is one of Anton Chekov’s famous plays where he uses humour and exaggeration in the play to provide a commentary on courtship in his times. Chekov has used several stereotypes that help play the character’s part beautifully in the play. Lomov, Natalya ‘the shrew’, Chubukov ‘the hypocrite father’ all help in adding humour to the play. Lomov uses exaggerated actions that, sometimes exceeds the limits of common sense like, Lomov gulping down water, putting his hand to the heart or running to the door and staggering out. Another interesting aspect of this story telling is how the story progresses from cordiality to the hurling of insults which is seen when Lomov called Chubukov ‘a swindle’ and Chubukov promptly called Lomov an ‘intriguer.’ The elements of exaggeration and absurdity set the tone of ridicule, which mars the elements of love and romance that is intended in the play. The playwright, through this play, ironically emphasizes that courtesy, sincerity, love and mutual understanding are the keys to a healthy relationship.

Question. ‘Arguments and disputes seldom solve a problem’. ‘Describe the dispute between Natalya and Lomov over the dogs and their superiority.
Ans.  Natalya and Lomov fought over the superiority of their dogs-Squeezer and Guess. Lomov was pained to hear that despite many qualities, Guess had two major defects, i.e., the dog was old as well as short in the muzzle. Lomov was proud of his dog’s pure breed, its well sprung ribs. It was also a good hunter. On the other hand, Natalya’s high pedigree-squeezer was a bad hunter. She pointed out that her dog, Squeezer was better than Guess. She remarked that Guess was old, ugly and a worn out cab horse. She also called Guess a lame dog. Then Lomov stated that his dog had become lame since its leg had been bitten by some other dog.

Though Lomov had come there to propose Natalya as he wanted to marry her, they involved themselves in silly arguments— that also over petty issues. Their main purpose was sidelined in the dispute. But such silly argument should never come in the way of matrimony. Rather it is the attribute of tolerance and acceptance that paves the way to good relationship.

Question. Give a character sketch of Lomov.
Ans. Lomov was a funny man. Physically he was weak but financially he was sound. He was a rich bachelor who wanted to marry Natalya. He was not really in love with Natalya but wanted to marry her because he thought that she was a good-housekeeper and beautiful. He said if he desired for an ideal or real love, he would never get married. He felt that he was 35, now he must lead a quiet and regular life. When he went to propose her, he got diverted. Actually, Natalya thought that he had come to Claim Oxen meadows as his own, quarrel took place between them. One more time they quarrelled over petty issues. Before finally proposing to her, he fainted and after that shouted a lot but finally succeeded to get acceptance.

The Proposal Class 10 English Important Questions