Thinkers Beliefs and Buildings Class 12 History Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

Please refer to Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Class 12 History Important Questions given below. These solved questions for Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 12 History all chapters.

Class 12 History Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question. What is Vaishnavism? 
Answer: Vaishnavism is a sect of Hinduism within which Vishnu was warshipped as the principal deity.

Question. John Marshall dedicated his important volumes on Sanchi Stupas to whome ?
Answer: Sultan jahan

Question. what do you know about Tirthankars?
Answer: Those who guide men and women across the river of existence.

Question. Define Hinayana?
Answer: Hinayana: Those who adopted the older tradition were known Hinayana.

Question. What was the birth place of Gautama Buddha.
Answer: Lumbini

Short Answer Questions :

Question. Why is the mid first millennium BCE is regarded as a turning point in world history?
Answer: This time emergence of Zarathustra in Iran, Kongzi in china, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in Greece
– Mahavira and Gautama Buddha among many others in India, tried to understand the mysteries of exis tence and the relationship between human beings and the cosmic order.

Question. What is vaishnavism and shaivism? 
Answer: Vaishnavism is from Hinduism within which Vishnu was worshipped as the principal deity. 
Shaivism- A tradition within which shiva was regarded as the chief god.

Question. How do we know about the Buddha’s Teachings?
Answer: These have been reconstructed by carefully editing, translating and analysing the Buddna’s texts mentioned earlier.
– Historians have also tried to reconstruct details of his life from hagiographies.

Question. Write causes for the popularity of Buddhism.
Answer: Many people dissatisfied with existing religious practices and confused by the rapid social changes taking place around them.
– The importance to conduce and values rather than claims of superiority bases on Birth.
– Younger and weaker than one self were ideas that men and women to Buddhism were trained.

Long Answer Questions :

Question. Describe the factors that led to the growth of Puranic Hinduism in India During 6th century BCE.
Answer: Concept of Saviour was not unique to Buddhism we find similar Ideas being developed in Hinduism.
– These included Vaishnavism and Shaivism.
– In such worship the bond between the devotee and the god was visualized as one of love and devotion or bhakti.
– Vaishnavism cults developed around the various avatars.
– Recognizing each of these local deities as a form of Vishnu.
– Shiva for instance was symbolized by the linga.
– To understand the meanings of sculptures. Historians have to be familiar with the stories.
– Women and shudras who did not have access to Vedic learning.
– Much of what is contained in the puranas evolved through interaction.


Question. Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follows-
Why were sputa’s built This is an excerpt from the Mahaparinibbana Sutta Part of sutta pitaka As the Buddha lay dying Ananda asked him what are we to do Lord with remains of the Tathagata (another name for the Buddha)? The Buddha replied, “Hinder not yourselves Ananda by honoring the remains of the Tathagata. Be zealous, be intent on your own good” But when pressed further, the Buddha said “At the four crossroads they should erect a stupa (Pali for stupa) to the Tathagata And whosoever shall there place garlands or perfume or make a salutation there become in its presence calm of heart, that shall long be to them for a profit and joy”.

Question. From which chapter has this excerpt been taken? It is a part of which book.
Answer: This excerpt has been taken from the Mahaparnibbana Sutta.” It was a part of the “Sutta Pitaka:

Question. Name any three Places where the stupas have been built.
Answer: The stupas were built at many places. The most important stupas existed at Bharhut, Sanchi and Sarnath.

Question. Who was the Tathagata? What had he told about the Importance of the stupa?
Answer: Tathagata was another name for the Buddha He told Ananda that the honour to his worldly. Remains is not important. He laid stress on the importance of one’s good deeds. The stupas should be erected on the holy places if anybody placed garlands of perfume or saluted them, he will not only get the peace of mind but also profitand joy.

Question. What are the stupas? Who advised Ananda to build the stupa?
Answer: The Stupa was the sacred place. They preserved the relics of Buddha Such as his bodily remains or the objects used by him all these things were buried in the stupas.

Thinkers Beliefs and Buildings Class 12 History Important Questions