Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper

Sample Papers for Class 9

Please refer to Class 9 Computer Science Sample Paper With Solutions provided below. The Sample Papers for Class 9 Computer Science have been prepared based on the latest pattern issued by CBSE. Students should practice these guess papers for class 9 Computer Science to gain more practice and get better marks in examinations. The Sample Papers for Computer Science Standard 9 will help you to understand the type of questions which can be asked in upcoming examinations.

Sample Paper for Class 9 Computer Science With Solutions

1. Multiple Choice Questions 15X1=15

1. Suppose the formula =SUM(A1:A5) was entered in cell A6. What best describes this formula?
a. find the sum of cells A1 to A5
b. find the sum of cells A1 and A5
c. find the sum of five cells immediately above
d. none of the above

2. AND operator is categorized into which category of operators?
a. Arithmetic
b. Comparison
c. Logical
d. None of these

3. _________________ references change when a formula is moved to another cell.
a. Dynamic
b. Absolute
c. Relative
d. Changing

4. A page of the Impress presentation that displays some information about a topic is called
a. Textbox
b. Placeholder
c. Slide
d. Text Box

5. To start a new presentation, click on ___________ key combination.
a. Ctrl + S
b. Ctrl + F
c. Ctrl + N
d. Ctrl + M

6. Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same look?
a. The slide layout option
b. Add a slide option
c. Outline view
d. A presentation design template.

7. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called
a. effects
b. custom animations
c. slide transitions
d. present animations

8. Which of the following can you use to add timings to the slides in a presentation?
a. Slide show menu
b. Rehearse timings button
c. Slide transition button
d. All of the above

9. What is the output for the following input into Python shell?
a. 20
b. 10
c. -20
d. -10

10. The presentation view that displays only text is
a. Slide show
b. Slide sorter view
c. Notes page view
d. Outline view

11. Which of the following provides a printed copy of your presentation?
a. Outlines
b. Speaker notes
c. Audience handouts
d. All of above

12. Rehman is making his Science Project Presentation on ‘Sustainable Development’ using a presentation software. He wants to add the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’ at the top of each page. Which option he should use:
a. Footer
b. Header
c. Watermark
d. Bullets

13. Which of the following actions can be performed in Slide Sorter View of a Presentation Tool?
a. Rearranging Slides
b. Deleting Slides
c. Make global changes to several slides at one time
d. All of the above

14. The Autofill feature in a spreadsheet:
a. Extends a sequential series of data
b. Automatically adds a range of cell values
c. Applies a border around the selected cells
d. Fills the selected cells with a background color

15. Which of the following is used to run python programs?
a. Compiler
b. Assembler
c. Interpreter
d. None of these

Q2 . a) A large company has a number of offices spread around the country. 
i. State whether the offices will be linked together using a LAN or WAN.
ii. State one difference between a LAN and a WAN.
iii. Mention the type of cable required for connecting the computers in LAN.
b) Mention two features of 4G Technology. 

Q3 Choose the words from the box and fill the appropriate words. 5
Cell, Desktop, center, $A1, F5, Function, Active stack, left, cyber safety, right
a. An example of mixed referencing_____________
b. Intersection of a row and column is called ________
c. _________ is a predefined formula
d. ________key is used to run the slide show.
e. The first screen that appears when we switch on the computer is called ______
f. ___________, _______________ and _______________ are different alignment options in open office document.
g. Sniffing is used to perform __________ finger printing.
h. _________ is safe and responsible use of information and communication technology.

Q4 Write full forms of the following 
i. IPO
ii. Wifi
iii. FTP

Q5 i. What are hackers? 
ii. What are malwares? Mention 2 examples of malwares. 
The following questions are based on word processor

Q6 Why do we use print preview option? 

Q7 Name any two word processors. 

Q8 Which feature helps us to show different styles of text 

Q9 Match the following (Image)

The following questions are based on Presentation tool

Q10 Answer the following in one word 6
i. The view that allow rearranging the slides of the presentation is _________________
ii. Which key is used to run the slide show?
iii. ____________ is an example of a slide layout.
iv. To insert picture on the top of every slide we will use insert->___________
v. Custom animation option is available in __________ menu.
vi. Why do we use hyperlink feature?

Q11 What are the different ways to view slide? 

Q12 Mention two features of a good presentation. 

Q13 Refer the following spreadsheet and answer the questions that follow: (Image)
i. Write formula to calculate the total price in cell E2.
ii. Write formula to calculate the sales tax (5% of total price) in cell F2.
iii. Calculate the average net price in cell G7.
iv. Write formula to calculate average unit price of motherboard in cell B7.
v. Write formula to find the highest price of motherboard and lowest price of keyboard.
vi. Which function will be used to display the total number of companies considered in the given chart?
vii. What is the alignment of data in cell B2
viii. If the formula in cell E7 is (5*B2+3*C2+4*D2) and it is copied to cell E10 what will be the new formula.
ix. Which type of chart will be suitable to represent the data of the given sheet?
x. If the above data is represented using any chart then what would be the data range to be
selected if the chart shows company name on x axis and net price on y axis.

The following questions are based on Python Programming

Q14 How do we add comments in Python? 

Q15. Name any four types of operators supported by Python. 

Q16 Mention any two features of Python. 

Q17. Mention any two rules for naming a variable/identifier. 

Q18. Identify the arithmetic, logical and relational operators from the following. +, * , > , &

Q19. Write the output of the following commands 
a. >>>len(“computer lab”)
b. >>>“hello” * 3
c. >>>float(15)
d. >>>print 15 % 7
e. >>>st=”BYE”
>>>print (st.lower())

Q20 Write Python commands for the following 5
a. To print the message hello! How are you on the screen
b. To declare a variable age that stores the value 15.
c. To divide 19 by 5
d. To check the data type of the variable
e. To print “Welcome “ 5 times