Unseen Passage for Class 5 in English

Unseen Passages

Please refer to Unseen Passage for Class 5 with Answers provided below. Unseen passages and Comprehensions are really important in Class 5 English exams. Students are expected to read through the entire passage and then answer various MCQ questions. We have provided here the best collection of Class 5 Unseen Passages with solves questions which the students can use to practice on a daily basis to get better marks in Class 5 English exams.

Class 5 English Comprehensions with Answers

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follows.

A company called Odyssey Marine Exploration in Florida discovered a ship that sank 162 km off the coast of Georgia in the USA. The ship Republic sank in 1865 in a hurricane. It had been used to bring money and supplies to New Orleans from New York after the American Civil War.
The company found 30,000 gold and silver coins, which were being carried in the ship, buried in the ocean. At the time when the ship sank , the value of these coins were supposed to be 400,000 dollars. Today , the value of this treasure is 1,500 million dollars or more. The search team took 16 years to locate the ship. They discovered the wreck at a depth of 518 m in the Atlantic Ocean with the help of special instruments and robots.

1)In which year did the ship Republic sink?

2)How many years did the team take to locate the ship?
1.16 years.
2.18 years.
3.14 years.

3)What was the value of the coins being carried by the ship at that time?
1.20,00 dollars.
2.30,000 dollars.
3.400,000 dollars.

4)Which company discovered the ship Republic?

5)How was the wreck discovered?

6) Write synonyms from the passage for :
a)The destruction of a ship at sea _____
b)A severe storm with a strong wind _________

Unseen Passage for Class 5 in English