Class 12 VBQs Biology Microbes in Human Welfare

Very Short Answer Type Questions Question.  Why does ‘Swiss cheese’ have big holes?– Thinking ProcessDifferent varieties of bakery like bread and cheese are known by their characteristic texture, flavour and taste, the specificity coming from the microbes used.Answer. The large holes in ‘Swiss cheese’ are due to production of a large amount of CO2 by a bacterium named Propionibacterium […]

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MCQ Question For Class 12 Informatics Practices Chapter 3 Data Handling Using Pandas – II

Check the below NCERT MCQ Class 12 Informatics Practices Chapter 3 Data Handling using Pandas –I I with Answers available with PDF free download. MCQ Questions for Class 12 Informatics Practices with Answers were prepared based on the latest syllabus and examination pattern issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Our teachers have provided below Data Handling using […]

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Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper Term 1 With Solutions Set A

Question. The name “Pandas” is derived from the term(a) Panel Data(b) Panel Series(c) Python Document(d) Panel Data Frame Question. The command to install the pandas is(a) install pip pandas(b) install pandas(c) pip pandas(d) pip install pandas Question. Python Pandas was developed by(a) Guido Van Rossum(b) Travis Oliphant(c) Wes McKinney(d) Brendan Eich Question. Pandas series is(a) two dimensional(b) […]

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Class 12 VBQs Biology Biotechnology and its Application

MULTIPLE CHOICE TYPE QUESTIONS Question. The discovery that led to the development of first antibiotic was made by(a) Jenner(b) Pasteur(c) Fleming(d) Waksman Question. Genetically engineered bacteria have been used in commercial production of(a) Thyroxine(b) Testosterone(c) Human insulin(d) Melatonin Question. Hepatitis B vaccine is(a) First generation vaccine(b) Second generation vaccine(c) Third generation vaccine(d) Interferon Question. Antigens are present(a) […]

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Class 12 VBQs Biology Biotechnology Principles and Processes

SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS  Question. Why is Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation describe as natural genetic engineering in plants?Answer.(i) Agrobacterium tumefaciens pathogen of dicot plants is able to deliver a piece of DNA known as T-DNA to transform normal plant cell into tumour.(ii) Ti plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens has been modified into a cloning vector, which […]

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Case Study Questions Chapter 3 Financial Statements of a Company

Question. Main limitation of analysis of financial statements is(a) Affected by window dressing(b) Difficulty in forecasting(c) Do not reflect changes in price level(d) All of the Above Question. ………appear in a Company’s Balance Sheet under the Sub-head Short-term Provision(a) Interest Accrued but not due on Borrowings(b) Provision for Tax(c) Unpaid Dividend(D) Calls in Advance Question. […]

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