Board Exam Questions Class 12 Political Science

Important Questions Class 12

Please refer to Important Board Exam Questions Class 12 Political Science which has been prepared based on questions that have come in past year examinations. These solved Important Question of Political Science Class 12 have been prepared to keep into consideration expected questions in this tear exams. Also, refer to MCQ Questions for Class 12 Political Science which are also expected to be asked in current year exams.

Important Board Exam Questions Class 12 Political Science

Practicing by going through the past year and Board Exam questions for CBSE Class 12 Political Science is very important to prepare for the Grade 12 Political Science exams. We have provided below the best collection of questions which can come in your exams.

Chapter Wise Important Questions for Class 12 Political Science with Answers

Contemporary World Politics

Chapter 1 The Cold War Era
Chapter 2 The End of Bipolarity
Chapter 3 US Hegemony in World Politics
Chapter 4 Alternative Centres of Power
Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia
Chapter 6 International Organisations
Chapter 7 Security in the Contemporary World
Chapter 8 Environment and Natural Resources
Chapter 9 Globalisation

Politics in India since Independence

Chapter 1 Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 2 Era of One-party Dominance
Chapter 3 Politics of Planned Development
Chapter 4 India’s External Relations
Chapter 5 Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System
Chapter 6 The Crisis of Democratic Order
Chapter 7 Rise of Popular Movements
Chapter 8 Regional Aspirations
Chapter 9 Recent Developments in Indian Politics
Board Exam Questions Class 12 Political Science

It is important for students to go through Important Important Questions for Class 12 Political Science with Answers regularly while studying various chapters. This will help students to test their understanding of various topics and also make sure that they have understood all topics properly. Our teachers have done a detailed analysis of all chapters in your NCERT Book for Class 12 Political Science. They have identified all the important questions which they expect can come in the examinations.

Students should read the chapters and notes provided by us properly. Then they should refer to the chapter-wise questions given by us. We have covered all important and difficult topics and have provided answers to all Important questions. We have provided step-by-step solutions so that you are able to understand the concepts explained behind the questions.

Frequently asked questions by Class 12 Political Science Students

Where can I download Important Important questions for Class 12 Political Science with answers?

You can download the best collection of Class 12 Political Science questions and answers from Our faculty has provided the most important questions which can be asked in exams.

Have you prepared class 12 Political Science problems based on the latest syllabus?

Yes, all chapter-wise questions and answers have been prepared based on the latest syllabus issued by CBSE for the current academic year.

I want notes for Class 12 Political Science, how to download them in PDF?

Apart from Political Science for Class 12, we have provided notes and important questions for all other subjects in Class 12. You can read the online or download PDF