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Class 11 and 12 DK Goel Accountancy Solutions

In Class 11, students first encounter accounting. Based on how well they understand the principles, they would either deem it easy or difficult. The ideal way to study effectively is to learn from textbook answers, which are described and solved chapter-by-chapter. Learning the fundamentals is unquestionably required. DK Goel Solutions for CBSE Class 11 and 12 Accountancy are offered to help students understand all the theories. Although there are many accounting principles, the knowledge of trial balance, depreciation, and bank reconciliation statement (BRS) is essential for class 11th. Accounting for Partnership, Companies Accounting, NPO and Financial Accounting for class 12th. Subject area specialists have detailed the DK Goel Textbook Solutions. All of the problems in the DK Goel Accountancy textbook have extensive, step-by-step solutions in these sample answers. They show to be of immeasurable value. Subject area specialists have detailed the DK Goel Textbook Solutions. All of the problems in the DK Goel Accountancy textbook have extensive, step-by-step solutions in these sample answers. They demonstrate to be of immeasurable use to kids as they do their schoolwork or prepare for tests.


  • Experts in the field provide recommendations.
  • Some responses address each subject.
  • It is resolved chapter by chapter
  • It is in line with the advanced CBSE curriculum.
  • Emphasizes ideas that are crucial for the test
  • Learning all the principles is simple.
  • Full responses to each question
  • Obtainable without charge

DK Goel Class 12 Solutions Part A – Volume 1

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Non-profit Organisation
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of partnership Firms
Chapter 3: Change in Profit sharing ratio of Partners
Chapter 4: Admission of a Partner
Chapter 5: Retirement or Death of a Partner
Chapter 6: Dissolution of Partnership
Chapter 7: Company Accounts Accounting for Share Capital
Chapter 8: Company Accounts Issue of Debentures
Chapter 9: Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures

DK Goel Class 12 Solutions Part B – Volume 2

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of a Company (As Per Schedule III)
Chapter 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 3: Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements
Chapter 4: Common Size Statements
Chapter 5: Accounting Ratios
Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statement

DK Goel Solutions Class 11

Chapter 1: Meaning and Objectives of Accounting

Chapter 2: Basic Accounting Terms

Chapter 3: Accounting Principles

Chapter 4: Process and Bases of Accounting

Chapter 5: Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Chapter 6: Accounting Equations

Chapter 7: Double Entry System

Chapter 8: Origin of Transactions: Source Documents of Accountancy

Chapter 9: Books of Original Entry – Journal

Chapter 10: Accounting for Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Chapter 11: Books of Original Entry – Cash Book

Chapter 12: Books of Original Entry – Special Purpose Subsidiary Books

Chapter 13: Ledger

Chapter 14: Trial Balance and Errors

Chapter 15: Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter 16: Depreciation

Chapter 17: Provisions and Reserves

Chapter 18: Bills of Exchange

Chapter 19: Rectification of Errors

Chapter 20: Capital and Revenue

Chapter 21: Financial Statements

Chapter 22: Financial Statements – With Adjustments

Chapter 23: Accounts from Incomplete Records

Chapter 24: Introduction to Computers

Chapter 25: Introduction to Accounting Information System

Chapter 26: Computerised Accounting System

Chapter 27: Accounting Software package: Tally


Accounting is a subject in commerce that covers both practical applications and theoretical issues. Students should adhere to these five measures to get ready for accounting. Understand the idea – In order to build a solid foundation, it is crucial to comprehend the significance, explanations, and instances of each concept. Solve problems — After grasping the idea, students can start by resolving straightforward equations.

Practice questions at the conclusion of each chapter – Once you have a basic understanding of the idea, start working on the practice equations and problems that are listed there.

Work on last year’s test questions to get a sense of how questions are asked in board exams. Students can have a better understanding of the following in addition to the question paper format: Mark distribution frequently posed issues sample papers to solve. It is insufficient to just work on last year’s paper to earn high scores. Solving practice papers is crucial since they provide information and updates on Pattern variation on test questions, anticipated inquiries, How to respond to a question, Format change for answers.


Knowing every idea will provide you a solid foundation. Daily problem-solving Pay attention to how much time you should spend on each idea. Before you begin tackling the paper, spend at least 15 minutes looking at the questions and example papers. Once or twice a week, solve practice papers. Completely comprehend the fundamental accounting principles Keep brief notes for each topic. These methods will assist students in properly preparing the topic with the right answers and provide them with a good understanding of how to keep confidence, manage time, and work productively.


The answers also contain a few more questions that will probably appear on the board examinations. Additionally, the questions have hints and solutions linked so that students can consult them if they get lost at any point.

Every student of commerce is required to practice a variety of value-based accounting issues. DK Geol Solutions brings some specially chosen value-based issues that aid the students in applying their skills in light of this. Their ability to think logically and solve problems is polished as a result of tackling DK Goel Solutions queries.

The solutions are prepared in the most understandable manner in accordance with Class 12 standards, therefore it doesn’t matter if you are a class leader or just an average applicant.

They may be found online for no charge. Therefore, the answers are available for everyone who wants to start learning about the many facets of accounting. When students have finished learning the chapters from NCERT, they may immediately move on to the DK Goel Solutions to explore new challenges and know the best approaches to take in order to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and produce useful results.


1. Amazing explanations – DK Solutions cover the whole accountancy curriculum for classes 11 and 12. It offers thorough explanations because it comes from the top professors. All of the graphics are clear and simple to grasp. The more difficult subjects are explained simply so that the students may understand them easily.The DK Goel Solutions are created entirely in accordance with the most recent CBSE syllabus. As a result, the students may swiftly grasp the solutions to get their preparation going with complete confidence about the topic.

2. Chapter-wise solutions – The kids’ ability to achieve excellent test scores is greatly aided by these solutions. It is delivered in the best possible way. Every chapter has been resolved, and it is organized logically. To make sure the students learn more about the subjects, questions are given at the end of each chapter. Navigation between chapters is made simple by the serial-wise representation.

3. Highlights key concepts – These answers give pupils a comprehensive study guide for the Class 11 and 12 accounting exams. It highlights the crucial ideas, questions, and subjects that are most likely to appear in tests. Additionally, it provides detailed summaries for every chapter. Therefore, the highlights and summaries can be used by the students to review the chapters before the test.

4. Provides a wide range of questions – Due to its large number of questions, DK Goel Solutions is popular among students. It provides inquiries on each subject, idea, theory, and formula. When answering the questions, the students can apply what they have learned to all the themes in-depth. It also includes questions from the prior year and sample paper questions that specify the weighting. The pupils can effectively practice these questions in order to discover a new realm of knowledge.

5. Free of cost – Students no longer have to pay expensive fees to obtain practical, knowledgeable study materials. DK Goel Solutions are offered without charge. The pupils may easily access them on their devices by downloading them from the internet. They are not required to pay anything for high-quality knowledge


All of the solutions, including the explanations and examples of the problems, are error-free and entirely accurate. In order to achieve excellent test scores, students might therefore blindly follow DK Goel Solutions Class 11 and 12.