Unseen Passages


Reading is an excellent habit to develop in and of itself. Reading Unseen Passages enables us to improve ourselves in a better version by adding various qualities to our personalities. It permits an increase ample amount of visualization, imagination and creativity in a person with an increase in quality of vocabulary, writing abilities, grammar, and pronunciation among other things.  A solid reading habit of students will improve their chances to get good grades in examinations. It lowers stress and aids relaxation by upgrading one’s memory and concentration and developing writing skills.

Unseen Passage for Class 5 to 12 with Answers

Unseen Passage for Class 12
Unseen Passage for Class 11
Unseen Passage for Class 10
Unseen Passage for Class 9
Unseen Passage for Class 8
Unseen Passage for Class 5

To appreciate any language, you must be able to solve comprehension passages. It is the ability to read, comprehend, and retain information from any piece of text. You’ll be able to recreate the text in your own words after you’ve absorbed the concept. Reading comprehension passages need you to read a chapter thoroughly, appreciate its content, and notice the relevance of the phrases in various circumstances. In a number of areas, reading comprehension builds the foundation for higher-order thinking. The comprehension writing component of this activity is also important. Unseen Passages actually evaluates the children overall, by judging their reading ability, writing skills, analysis tricks, and concluding competency.

Comprehensive passages assess your ability to assimilate the content of textual information and develop conclusions from it based on the circumstances. Every academic program requires students to read comprehension passages in English.

What does the reading of Unseen passages add on?

  • Makes the children capable to understand the topic by themselves by applying their own understanding skills and knowledge.
  • A comprehensive passage also helps to understand difficult words on the basis of the content written in the passages and improvises the children and their vocabulary skills.
  • By reading passages students not only judge that particular passage on the basis of a piece of writing but actually understand the thoughts and ideas behind it.

The comprehensive passage is an easy and effective way to make the children learn the language. The material must be sorted by the children to identify what is significant and what is not. They summarise the most significant information in their own terms and explain the text in as few words as possible and get the summary of the content.

Comprehensions judge the capability and ability to understand the passage, the power of analyzing the problem in proper perspective, and the ability to present answers systematically.

The right approach to answering the questions in Unseen Passages

  • Questions are to be answered on the basis of the information provided in the passage, and you are not expected to rely on outside knowledge of a particular topic. Your own views or opinions may sometimes conflict with the views expressed or the information provided in the passage. Be sure that you work within the context of the unseen passage. You should not expect to agree with everything you encounter in reading passages.
  • You should analyse each passage carefully before answering the accompanying questions. As with any kind of close and thoughtful reading, look for the clues that will help you understand less explicit aspects of the passage. Try to separate main ideas from supporting ideas or evidences.
  • Note transitions from one idea to the next, and examine the relationships among the different ideas or parts of the passage. For example, are they contrasting? Are they complementary? Consider the points the author makes, the conclusions drawn and how and why those points are made or conclusions are drawn.
  • Read each question carefully, and be certain that you understand exactly what is being asked.
  • Always read all the answer choices before selecting the best answer.
  • The best answer is the one that most accurately and completely answers the questions being posed. Be careful not to pick an answer choice simply because it is true statement. Be careful also not to be misleading by answer choices that are only partially true or only partially satisfy the problem posed in the question.