CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Economics Term 1

Class 12 Economics CBSE Sample Paper Term 1 Question. Who is not the supplier of money?a) Central bankb) Commercial bankc) Governmentd) Households Question. M1 of money supply does not include-a) Currency held by the publicb) Net-Time depositsc) Demand deposits with NABARDd) Other deposits in RBI Question. What is the relationship between demand for foreign exchange and exchange rate?a) […]

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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Economics Term 1 – Set 1

Question. All the measures are equal to each other in case of ……… .   (a) symmetrical distribution(b) asymmetrical distribution(c) continuous frequency distribution(d) cumulative frequency distribution Question. Which of the following method of presentation of data have a long lasting impact on mind of people who are reading the data?    (a) Tabular presentation(b) Diagrammatic presentation(c) […]

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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Computer Science Term 1 – Set 2

Question. Consider a tuple T1=(2,3,{1:‘One’,2:‘Two’,3:‘Three’}). Identify the statement that will result in an error. (a) print(T1[3])(b) print(T1[0])(c) print(2 in T1)(d) print(len(T1)) Question. What will be the output of the following code if the contents of the file ‘File1.txt’ are: String may refer tofileobj = open(“File.txt”,’w’)fileobj.write(“Letters\n”)fileobj.write(“Numbers\n”)fileobj.write(“Special characters”)fileobj.close()fileobj = open(“File.txt”,’r’)print( Special Characters(b) letters(c) String may refer to/Letters/Numbers/Special […]

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