Web Development Class 10 Computer Science Notes and Questions

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Please refer to Web Development Class 10 Computer Science notes and questions with solutions below. These revision notes and important examination questions have been prepared based on the latest Computer Science books for Class 10. You can go through the questions and solutions below which will help you to get better marks in your examinations.

Class 10 Computer Science Web Development Notes and Questions

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1 Write the various steps for planning a Web site.
Ans: Following are the steps for planning a website:
1. Defining the Objectives of Website: There should be an objective to make a web site. Objective of site tells
us what should be included in the website. We can create a site with good appearance but it is necessary
that the site must fulfil our requirements.
2. Designing for Audience: Designing Website for audience means to decide site viewers. In this step it should
be taken care that what type of users will be the viewers of our site – Children, Advocate, Doctor or women
etc. It should also be taken care that what are the viewers’ expectations from our site. In this way, we have
to design our website according to our viewer’s interest.
3. Define the work strategy: The set of tasks to be performed to achieve the objectives of our website is called
work-strategy. For defining the work strategy for our website, we have to include many types of information,
like: text information, audio and video information etc.
4. Defining the contents of web pages: The contents of website should be such that they will be proved useful
for audience. Contents should be well organized and it should be placed on proper locations on the

Question 2 What is the difference between online testing and offline testing?
Ans: The difference between online testing and offline testing is given below:
Offline Testing: After developing a website, it is tested using web browsers. There is no need of internet for this type
of testing. That is why it is called offline testing. During offline test, first of all Home page is opened. After that other
linked webpages are tested by opening them one by one. In the offline testing, we should test our website in
different web browsers.
Online Testing: After Offline testing of website, it is uploaded on the web server. After uploading website on server,
it is tested online. For online testing, we need internet. For online testing, first of all we have to connect our
computer with the internet. After that open the web browser and type the address (URL) of our website. First of all,
home page will be opened. After that other linked webpages are tested by opening them one by one. In the online
test too, we should test our website in different web browsers.

Question 3 What is SEO?
Ans: Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is such a system which takes our website to search engines.
Using this technique, we can make our site so capable that search engines can easily search our website. SEO
provides many strategies and techniques using which we can maximize outreach or viewers to our website. With
the help of SEO, our website gets high ranking in the search results of search engines.

Question 4 What is SMM?
Ans: Full form of SMM is Social Media Marketing. It is a type of internet marketing, in this marketing strategy; social
networking websites are used as a marketing tool. Objective to SMM is used to prepare those contents that
customers can share within their social network. Doing so will increase the brand exposure value of the company
and company can maximize its outreach to its customers.

Web Development Class 10 Computer Science

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