Array (Part-1) Class 11 Computer Science Notes and Questions

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Please refer to Array (Part-1) Class 11 Computer Science notes and questions with solutions below. These revision notes and important examination questions have been prepared based on the latest Computer Science books for Class 11. You can go through the questions and solutions below which will help you to get better marks in your examinations.

Class 11 Computer Science Array (Part-1) Notes and Questions

Objective Type Questions

Question 1 Array is a name _
a. Array Variable
b. A Keyword
c. A Common name given to set of elements
d. None of these


A Common name given to set of elements

Question 2 Array subscript in C is always begins with ______
a. -1
b. 0
c. 1
d. any value



Question 3 In C language, Square brackets [] are used for ______
a. Function
b. Array
c. Statement
d. All of these



Question 4 The maximum no of elements in the declaration int a[4][5]; will be ___
a. 28
b. 32
c. 20
d. 9



Question 5 If the declaration is int a[10]; then identify which of the following is the wrong?
a. a[-1]
b. a[0]
c. a[1]
d. a[9]



Write True or False

Question 1 An array is set of same type of values



Question 2 Array elements are contiguous in memory.



Question 3 It will be an error if array size is lesser than the size of array initialization.



Question 4 An Array can be initialized in the declaration statement.



Write the appropriate word or result

Question 1 If we remove the size from the array declaration int x[size]; than what type of variable will it become?
Ans: A Simple type of variable

Question 2 In an array declaration, [ ] helps to define the size of _
Ans: Array

Question 3 When we prefer to use loops in array, then array size must be _
Ans: known

Question 4 What will be stored in the array cells when we write int x[5]={8,-2,20,26,-1000};

Class 11 Computer Introduction and Array (Part-1) Notes and Questions

Question 5 How can we declare array named data with 50 elements? What will be its upper bound?
Ans: int data[50]; and 49 will be its upper bound

Question 6 What is the meaning of the given statements? a=4; num[a]=7;
Ans: This statement stores 7 at the 4th index of array num. In other words, it stores value 7 at the 5th location of
the array-num.

Question 7 What is the purpose of array initialization?
Ans: Its purpose is store values in array at the time of array declaration.

Short Questions of Exercise

Q:1 Write the difference between array and simple variable.
Ans: The difference between array and simple variable is given below:

Class 11 Computer Introduction and Array (Part-1) Notes and Questions

Q:2 What the basic rules for naming arrays?
Ans: Basic rules for naming arrays are given below:
1, It must always begin with a character.
2. No special character except underscore (_) is allowed in array name.
3. Two consecutive underscores are not allowed.
4. Maximums no of characters can be 31 in array name.
5, Blank space is not allowed in the name of array
6. Keywords can not be used as the name of identifier.
7. Identifiers are case-sensitive.

Question 3 Write the answers of following question with respect to array declaration: int amount[25];
a. No of elements in the array b. Lower and Upper Bounds of the array
Ans: a. No of elements in the array amount will be 25.
b. Lower Bound of the array will be 0 and upper bound will be 24.

Array (Part-1) Class 11 Computer Science

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