Electromagnetic Induction 12 Physics Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

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Important Questions of Electromagnetic Induction Class 12

Question. Lenz law is based on which of the following conservation>         
(a) Charge
(b) Mass
(c) Momentum
(d) Energy



Question. What will be the acceleration of the falling bar magnet which passes through the ring such that the ring is held horizontally and the bar magnet is dropped along the axis of the ring?
(a) It depends on the diameter of the ring and the length of the magnet         
(b) It is equal due to gravity
(c) It is less than due to gravity
(d) It is more than due to gravity 



Question. How to increase the energy stored in an inductor by four times?   
(a) By doubling the current
(b) This is not possible
(c) By doubling the inductance
(d) By making current 2–√ times



Question. Consider an inductor whose linear dimensions are tripled and the total number of turns per unit length is kept constant, what happens to the self-inductance? (a) 9 times       
(b) 3 times
(c) 27 times
(d) 13 times



Electromagnetic Induction Class 12