Footprints Without Feet Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Footprints Without Feet Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for Footprints Without Feet have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Questions. What happened to the constable who had come to arrest the scientist?
Ans. When the constable arrived, he saw a headless Griffin. When he went to arrest him, Griffin got into a scuffle with him, simultaneously removing his clothes and becoming invisible. The constable was hit a number of times and was finally knocked unconscious.

Questions. Describe Griffin’s discovery. How did he make it successful?
Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He discovered how to make the human body transparent. He conducted various experiments to prove that the human body could be made transparent. For that, he swallowed some rare drugs following which, his body became transparent like a sheet of glass.

Questions. Where does Griffin go in order to fill the gap above his shoulders?
Ans. Griffin goes to a theatrical company shop from where he gets bandages round his forehead, dark glasses, false nose, big bushy side-whiskers and a large hat.

Questions. The landlord’s wife was convinced that Griffin was “an eccentric scientist”. What made her think of Griffin in these terms?
Why did Mrs. Hall think Griffin was eccentric?
Ans. Griffin came to Iping in winter. The arrival of a stranger in winter was unusual. He had uncommon looks. He told Mrs. Hall that he desired solitude. He did not want to be disturbed. All this convinced the landlord’s wife that Griffin was ‘an eccentric scientist’.

Long Answer Type Questions

Questions. The feeling among the neighbours was that the trouble was caused by witchcraft. But witchcraft or not, when news of the burglary at the clergyman’s home became known, the strange scientist was strongly suspected of having had a hand in it. Suspicion grew even stronger when he suddenly produced some ready cash, though he had admitted not long before that he had no money.

(a) Why were the neighbours complaining about witchcraft?
(b) Why was everyone suspicious about the scientist?
Ans. (a) The clergyman and his wife had seen a chair flying at them when they went to inspect Griffin’s room. They thought the room was haunted by spirits.
(b) Everyone was suspicious about Griffin because he was always cooped up in his room and had informed the landlords of the establishment that he had no money. But soon, he was able to pay  the rent.

Questions. Griffin made a great invention in the invisibility drug but he still is not a positive character in the story. Why?
Ans. Griffin made a brilliant drug—one that made him invisible. He, however, used it for his own advantages. He stole clothes and food from a store.
Then he also stole things from a theatre company shop after hitting the salesman. He then went to an inn and stole money from the study there to pay for his room. When the constable came to arrest him, he hit him and made him unconscious. All this lawlessness makes him, a negative character, despite his brilliant invention. He was an excellent scientist
who had achieved a feat that most scientists could only dream of. But on the flipside, he was not a moral human being. He has no moral values to control his strength and power.

Footprints Without Feet Class 10 English Important Questions