NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit Download PDF

NCERT Books Class 10

Free download NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit for 2021 academic year. By clicking on the links below for the ebooks you can download in pdf for Class 10 Sanskrit. If you need the full textbook issued by NCERT or whether you require the relevant PDF of the chapter in the textbook, all options are given below for NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit. You can download the entire textbook or each chapter in pdf, All these books are strongly suggested by Class 10 Sanskrit teachers in your school as they have been carefully designed as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. Students of Class 10 are recommended to download and read latest NCERT books and also remember to refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Sanskrit

NCERT Sanskrit Book Class 10 PDF Free Download

Students in Class 10 should strictly follow NCERT book for Class 10 Sanskrit issued as per the syllabus designed by CBSE. These books have bee designed by the best Sanskrit teachers and if you follow these books then you will be able to understand all topics and concepts properly and get good marks in class tests and examinations

Download entire Book for Class 10 Sanskrit here

NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit Shemushi

NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit Abhyaswaan PDF Download

Abhyaswaan Bhav Adarshprashanpatram

Abhyaswaan Bhav Anuchhedlekhanam

Abhyaswaan Bhav Apathitavbodhanam

Abhyaswaan Bhav Ashuddhisansodhanam

Abhyaswaan Bhav Avyayani

Abhyaswaan Bhav Chitravarnam

Abhyaswaan Bhav Mishritabhyas

Abhyaswaan Bhav Patralekhnam

Abhyaswaan Bhav Pratyay

Abhyaswaan Bhav Rachnanuvad

Abhyaswaan Bhav Samas

Abhyaswaan Bhav Samay

Abhyaswaan Bhav Sandhi

Abhyaswaan Bhav Vachyam

NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit Shemushi PDF Download

Shemushi Chapter 1 Shuchiparyavaranam

Shemushi Chapter 2 Gunvati Kanya

Shemushi Chapter 3 Shishu lalnam

Shemushi Chapter 4 Vyayam Sarvada Pathya

Shemushi Chapter 5 Budhdhibralvati sada

Shemushi Chapter 6 Subhashitani

Shemushi Chapter 7 Bhukamvibhishika

Shemushi Chapter 8 Prashantrayam

Shemushi Chapter 9 Pranebhyopipriya

Shemushi Chapter 10 Anyokatya

Shemushi Chapter 11 Vichitr Sakshi

Shemushi Chapter 12 Jeevan Vibhav Bina

Shemushi Janani Tulyavatsala

Shemushi Sauhard Prikrate Shobha

Shemushi Shuchiparyavaranam

Shemushi Suktyay

NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit Vyakaranavithi PDF Download

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 1 Varn Vichar

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 2 Sangya avem paribhasha

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 3 Sandhi

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 4 Shabdroop Samanya Parichya

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 5 Dhaturoop Samanya Parichya

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 6 Upsarg

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 7 Avyya

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 8 Pratya

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 9 Samas Parichya

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 10 Karak Aur Vibhikti

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 11 Vachya Parivartan

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 12 Rachna Prayog

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 13 Parishisht

Vyakaranavithi Chapter 14 Dhaturupani


NCERT Books for Class 10 Sanskrit are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for latest 2021 academic session for Class 10. These books issued are by NCERT for Sanskrit Class 10. They are recommended by all schools and is being implemented in almost all states in India as questions on exams for Class 10 Sanskrit normally comes from Books by NCERT only. Standard 10 students studying Sanskrit should strictly follow the chapters and topics given here while studying for class tests and exams, and if they use these only then they can be sure that their preparation for Class 10 exams is as per suggested syllabus. Students should also note that there are unsolved problems in class 10 books for Sanskrit. You should solve them and refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Sanskrit. Solve the questions first and then see the solutions designed by our teachers Class 10.

Advantages of NCERT Books for Class 10 Sanskrit

a) NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit has been developed by experienced Sanskrit teachers at the board based on the best educational tools available.

b) They have been developed to help all types of Class 10 students so that when they refer to NCERT Books and solutions for Class 10 Sanskrit then they can understand all topics in a simple and logical manner.

c) In your exams and class tests you will see that Class 10 teachers give most of the questions from these books only.

d) As the books have been designed as per 2021 CBSE syllabus, Class 10 students can study based on these.

NCERT Books and Solutions of CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit are available for free download. We bring here best collection of free downloadable ebooks for grade 1 to grade 12. You can easily click on given links and download PDF for each chapter in your book. PDF Download latest Class 10 Sanskrit chapter wise PDF ebooks and read them daily as it will help you in exam preparation. On daily basis you should study one important chapter of CBSE Grade 10 Sanskrit book.

All latest study material for Class 10 for Sanskrit has been developed for free download by best teachers of schools in India

Frequently Asked Questions

I need latest 2021 NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit in PDF, where can I get it ?

You can easily download latest 2021 NCERT Book for Class 10 Sanskrit from

I need the full ebook of NCERT for class 10 Sanskrit in PDF, from where can I get it for download?

Its easy, you can simply click on the links provided here and in one click download entire book or even each chapter of PDFs for standard 10 Sanskrit

For which academic session the books are available for?

Yes – The ebooks issued by NCERT have been made available here for latest 2021 session

How can I download the NCERT ebooks ?

Just click on links above for Class 10 books in Sanskrit and download the for each chapter

Can I also download NCERT solutions for Class 10 Sanskrit ?

Yes – our team of teachers have prepared free solutions for all problems given in NCERT Class 10 Sanskrit textbook

Are the books and solutions free to download for all students?

The books and solutions for Class 10 are free and can be easily downloaded

I want books for all other subjects too, can I get it here?

Yes – you can download books and solutions for all other classes and subjects in Class 10 in both English and Hindi Medium for year 2021