NeckLace Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to NeckLace Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for NeckLace have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English NeckLace Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Questions. Why did Jeanne, Matilda’s friend not recognise her? 
Ans. Over ten years, Matilda let go of all the little pleasures of her life, worked extremely hard in order to save money so as to repay the loan they had taken to buy the replacement necklace. All the hardships had given her a haggard look and that is why Jeanne could not recognise her.

Questions. Why did Matilda (Mme Loisel) leave the ball in a hurry? What does it show about her character?
Ans. Since no one noticed her shabby shawl, Matilda (Mme Loisel) left the ball in a hurry. Her character depicts her false pride and vanity in material things.

Questions. How did M. Loisel try to make his wife happy?
Ans. M. Loisel had saved four hundred francs to buy a gun to join some hunting parties the next summer.
The gun was to be used when he and his friends went to shoot larks. However, he tried to make his wife happy by offering to give her the saved four hundred francs to buy a suitable costume.

Questions. What did Matilda’s husband bring home one evening? Why was he so elated?
Ans. One evening, Matilda’s husband brought home an invitation for both of them to attend a party at a minister’s house. He was elated because he was one of the few clerks to get an invitation and also because he thought Matilda would be thrilled.

Questions. She had a rich friend, a schoolmate at the convent,who she did not like to visit — she suffered so much when she returned. She wept for whole days from despair and disappointment.
(a) Who is she in the passage? Why did she not like visiting her friend?
(b) Do you think her disappointment is reasonable?
Ans. (a) She is Mrs. Loisel. She did not like going to her friend’s place because she was a rich woman who had the things that Mrs. Loisel craved for.
(b) No. She lives a comfortable life with a loving husband. Yet, it was her hankering for finer and more expensive things in life that made her miserable and ungrateful.

Long Answer Type Questions

Questions. Describe the kind of life that Mrs. Loisel dreamt of.
Ans. Matilda Loisel was quite pretty and charming woman. She was born in a poor family. Yet she had a very dreamy nature. She always kept dreaming of good things in life. She used to feel that she was born for all the luxuries of life. When she sat for dinner she would dream of dainty dinners, in shining silverware. She would dream of beautiful palaces, of
rich ladies, of showy dresses and jewels. She felt that she was made for all the richest things of life. But she was married to a clerk. So, she suffered endlessly from poverty.

Questions. What is the twist at the end of the story ‘The Necklace’?
Ans. Matilda and her husband incur big debts in order to buy a replacement necklace for her friend. They cut down on all expenses, she works hard at the household chores, he does extra jobs etc., in order to earn more money. All this was for a necklace which they thought was of real diamonds. However, at the end of the story. Matilda meets her friend who tells
her after ten years that the necklace they had lost was a fake, worth not even one-tenth of the price they thought it had. They worked so hard to repay the loan because they felt they had lost the real necklace. 
It they knew the truth and had worked so hard for their own benefit, it must have tremendously upgraded their standard of living. This was the twist at the end of the tale.

“Yes, I felt it as we came out.”
“But if you had lost it in the street, we should have
heard it fall. It must be in the cab.”
“Yes, it is possible. Did you take the number?”
“No. And you, did you notice what it was?”
(a) What are the people in the passage talking about?
(b) Where are they coming from?

Ans. (a) They were talking about a diamond necklace that Mrs. Loisel had borrowed from her friend. Mrs. 
Loisel had lost the necklace.
(b) They are coming back from a party for which Mrs. Loisel had made a lot of preparations.

Questions. Mme Forestier proved to be a true friend of the Loisels. Elaborate. 
Ans. Mme Forestier proved to be a true friend of Loisels.
Mme Forestier played a crucial role in the story. She helped Mathilde when Mathilde needed her genuinely. Mathilde was blessed with a beautiful physique but she lacked the lavish lifestyle she yearned for. Therefore, she was discontented with her life. Although Mme Forestier treated her kindly, Mathilde was jealous of Mme Forestier because of her wealth. Once, Mathilde had to attend a fancy party so she borrowed a diamond necklace from Mme Forestier. Forestier was immediately ready to lend Mathilde the necklace. In fact, she displayed the
entire array of her jewels in front of her and asked her to choose from them. She didn’t show any urgency to get back the necklace and when Mathilde returned the necklace, Mme Forestier didn’t even inspect it and instead, honestly revealed that the necklace that she gave to Mathilde was fake. It shows her honest nature. She also felt bad when Mathilde
suffered unnecessarily to pay for a replacement necklace. Thus, she proved to be her genuine friend.

NeckLace Class 10 English Important Questions