All Summer in a Day Summary by Ray Douglas Bradbury

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Chapter Summary All Summer in a Day by Ray Douglas Bradbury

All Summer In A Day (Summary)

The story ‘All Summer In A Day’ is written by Ray Bradbury. It is science fiction. It tells us about the life of the school students who are on Venus. They are living with colonists having underground settlements full of long tunnels. These colonists are from the Earth. The story surrounds a girl who has seen the Earth and the Sun and the children are envious and jealous of her.

Summary All Summer in a Day by Ray Douglas Bradbury

On the planet Venus, a group of school children are residing. They are eager to see the Sun as the scientist has predicted that the Sun will appear that day. The children are nine years old. The teachers were also excited. The sun appears once every seven years so the children didn’t get an opportunity to see the Sun. Venus is a gloomy, sunless world and full of rain.

However, one girl named Margot recently came from Earth. She remembered the warmth and beauty of the Sun as she used to miss it. Through her poems, she tried to describe the Sun.

The other school students were envious and jealous of her as she had seen the Sun. She seemed to be focused on her memories of summer so she was outcast in the classes. She was viewed differently by the other children. They envied her more when they got to know that her parents would take her back to earth. She parents took this desicion for her as she was becoming more gloomy in Venus. Out of all students, one boy was very negative towards Margot. He used to harm her physically. However, he used to get severe scolding from the teachers.

Further, on the very day when the Sun was supposed to appear in Venus after seven long years, the children turned hostile towards the innocent girl. They considered the predictions to be wrong. The prediction of the appearing Sun was a joke for them to have fun and be more hostile towards Margot. The teacher was absent from the class for some time. Thus, in the meantime all the students lashed out at Margot. Moreover, at a much distance from the class , they locked her in a closet down a long tunnel. Also the teacher was very eager to see the Sun appearing after seven long years. She failed to notice was Margot was not present in the class.

The children were stunned when the rain stopped and the Sun appeared. They were very delighted by the warmth and light of the sun. They rolled on the ground due to being overjoyed. The children spent one hour running in the green fields. The teacher could not stop them due to their unusual experience.

However, it started to rain again as the weather changed. The sun would again seven years later as it disappeared. The children safely returned to the class. One of them remembered about Margot being locked in the closet. They were very ashamed of their actions and went to closet to rescue her.

All Summer in a Day Summary by Ray Douglas Bradbury