CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing

Article Writing Study Material

Please refer to Article Writing for Class 10 English given below with samples. We have provided solved examples of Article Writing for Class 10 which is a very important topic in Class 10 English. Students should practice the examples given below so that they can understand how to write an Article in their English exams.

Article Writing for Class 10 English


The students will be asked to attempt a long piece of composition of minimum 100- 120 words in length. The composition will be in the form of an article. The students may be provided with a verbal or visual output. They can take help from the given input, information or notes and can expand them in their own language to 120 words.
Sometimes the given input can be in the form of a figure, a diagram or a cartoon. The aim of the examiner by inserting an input is only to provide a general guideline along which the article has to be developed. The subject on which the article is to be based may be a burning social, cultural, economic, ethical, behavioural, religious, political, or scientific in nature.

Solved Examples for Article Writing for Class 10 English

Question. ‘Massive poaching in the past two years has wiped out the entire tiger population at one of the tiger reserves in India,’ says one of the investigation reports. Look at the visual aside and notice how the number of tigers in India is falling. Use your own ideas and write an article in about 120 words for ‘Eco-World’ magazine expressing your concern on the issue.

Ans.                                                                          Save the Tiger
Man’s hunger remains unsatiated. He has swallowed forests, green belts and arable lands. Man has misused and abused nature. Man’s villainry has brought untold miseries to the animal kingdom. Deforestation on a huge scale has made the most beautiful animal—the tiger, homeless. Illegal hunting and massive poaching have wiped out the entire tiger population at one of the tiger reserves in India.
The number of tigers has fallen from 4334 in 1989 to 3500 in 2004. In 2010, it has touched the rock bottom—just 1440. It is really a tragic story. The most beautiful animal of the wild world is slowly but surely on the road to extinction. The healthy population of tigers is necessary to maintain the ecological balance in nature.
The Government must take effective and prompt steps to save the tiger. Illegal hunting and poaching must be strongly dealt with. Poachers like Sansar Chand must be given exemplary punishments. Forest guards must be provided with the latest weapons to deal with the criminals. Forest reserves should remain untouched. Deforestation should be immediately stopped. Reforestation on a large scale is the need of the hour. Let us save the national animal. Let us save our national pride, the Indian tiger

Question. Man is basically a ‘social-animal’. He depends on others for his survival and existence. He has to work with others and must know how to get the best out of a team. Taking these ideas, write an article on ‘How to Get the Best out of a Team’ in about 100-120 words.

Ans.                                                                               How to Get the Best out of a Team
Man is a social animal. He can’t live in vacuum. He has to depend on others to make a living. He has to bond with others and be a part of a team. Working in a team is quite a challenge. One has to adjust himself to the requirements of his team. A team must work like a well oiled machine. Only then it can produce great results. All the members of a team must work together selflessly to achieve a common aim or goal. Working in a team is really a healer and a stress buster. Success or failure is not an individual’s responsibility. It is a collective responsibility. A good team work demands a perfect and effective communication between all the members of the team. A strong leadership controls the individuals and goads them to achieve the common goal. Conflicts are avoided. The focus is on unity and cooperation. Mutual jealousy and conflict of interests have no place in a team. Negative attitudes should be discouraged. Each member should have deep respect and appreciation of others’ abilities and skills.

Question. A spate of rapes and murders of helpless young women in Delhi has shocked the conscience of the nation. Taking help from the information given below and inventing your own details, write an article on ‘Crime Against Women in Delhi’ in about 100-120 words.

• Rape of a young woman at Dhaula Kuan.
• Rape and murder of a girl in Mangolpuri.
• Rape of a young lady in South Delhi.
• Kidnapping of a girl in East Delhi.

Ans.                                                                                   Crime Against Women in Delhi
Delhi has earned the dubious distinction of being the crime capital of India. Life has become quite uncertain and unsafe in Delhi. The capital of India has become a grazing ground for kidnappers, rapists and murderers of women. The recent gang-rape of a young girl Damini in South Delhi has shocked the conscience of whole nation. All the tall claims of Delhi Police to provide security to women have been proved totally hollow and false. The whole nation rose in protest. There were loud demands for the death penalty to the rapists and the fast track courts for the speedy trial of rape cases. The police and the politicians were criticised for their insensitivity and inaction towards women. Everyday we find news of crimes against women in the columns of newspapers or on TV channels.
Young ladies can’t venture to go out alone after the sun sets in. Why has Delhi earned this notoriety? Of late, Delhi has developed a culture that has given birth to a class of criminals. The consumer culture equates a woman to a commodity. The war against criminals must be fought on two fronts. First, the Delhi Police must ensure safety to
women by regular patrolling at night and nabbing criminals at the earliest. On the cultural front, a widespread movement should be launched to help women in their fight against crimes and criminals.

Question. You are Rama/Rajni. You are dismayed at the fact that no proper counselling or guidance is provided to students in schools and colleges. Write an article on ‘Career Guidance and Counselling for students’ for publication in a local magazine in about 100-120 words.

Ans.                                                                       Career Guidance and Counselling for Students
There were times in India when schools and colleges used to factories for manufacturing clerks or ‘babus’ for the offices of our colonial rulers. Career guidance and counselling for students had no place in the Macaulayian set up. Now we are living in a highly competitive world. Without any proper guidance or counselling, students remained confused and directionless. Hence, the need for proper counselling and guidance for students to choose their future career and destiny.
It won’t be out of place to suggest a proper counselling and guidance to students at a reasonably early level. At the high school level, a team of professionals and experts must interact with the students. After judging their aptitudes, inclinations and skills, they must guide them about their prospective careers. They can counsel them which vocational courses or disciplines of learning suit their temperaments, aptitudes and skills. It would help the students to chalk out their future line of action. It can save him from unnecessary confusion, uncertainty and ambiguity. All students are not
cut out for engineering, medical or management disciplines. There may be others who may be counselled and guided to choose humanities, arts or law. Well, the ultimate choice will definitely be the students and their parents. There must be a permanent counselling and guidance cell in every school and other higher institutions of learning. It is quite workable and pragmatic plan. Only the concerned authorities need to have the will power and means to implement it.

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