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Please refer to Story Writing for Class 10 English given below with samples. We have provided solved examples of Story Writing for Class 10 which is a very important topic in Class 10 English. Students should practice the examples given below so that they can understand how to write a story in their English exams.

Story Writing for Class 10 English

Solved Examples

Question. You are Jacob/Juli, the student editor of your school magazine ‘Star’. You are to write a short story titled ‘Learn and Earn’ for your school magazine. Taking help from the information given in the input below along with your own details, attempt that story in about 150-200 words.
Chuan and Jing — worked in the same company — Jing promoted — Chuan felt insulted —tendered his resignation — the boss sent Chuan to the market — find out anyone selling watermelon — Chuan went back — told ₹12 a kg — he sent Jing — Jing returned with all the relevant details — ₹12 per kg — ₹100 for 10 kg — every melon weighed 15 kg — Chuan felt impressed — realised the difference between himself and Jing.

Ans.                                                                          Learn and Earn 
Chuan and Jing joined a wholesale company together just after graduation. Both were sincere workers and worked very hard. After some years, Jing was promoted to Sales Executive but Chuan remained a Sales Representative. One day Chuan got exasperated. He could not pocket this humiliation and tendered resignation to the boss. He complained the boss that he did not value hard working staff, but only preferred flatterers. The boss knew that Chuan worked very hard for years. But in order to make Chuan realize the difference between him and Jing, the boss asked Chuan to go and find out anyone selling watermelon in the market. Chuan returned happily and informed the boss that he found the watermelon seller. The boss enquired the rate of watermelon per kg. Chuan went back to the market to ask and returned to inform the boss the  ₹12 per kg. Boss told Chuan, I will ask Jing the same question. Jing went, returned and informed that only one person was selling watermelon in the market at the rate of ₹12 per kg,₹100 for 10 kg. He had displayed 58 melons; every melon weighed about 15 kg. He bought these melons from the South two days ago. They were fresh, red, and good in quality. Chuan felt impressed and realized the difference between himself and Jing. He decided not to resign but to learn from Jing.

Question. Sunder started writing a story but couldn’t go beyond a few lines. Using the information given in the input along with the introduction made by Sunder, develop the story in about 150-200 words.
Darius was the king of Persia. Zubaid, his only son fell seriously ill. The …

Worried — called all doctors — tried every medicine — didn’t get well — gave up all hopes — Zubaid sure to die — gave alms — Darius walked round Zubaid’s bed seven times — prayed to God — “save my son and take my life instead” — after some weeks — Zubaid got well — Darius died

Ans.                                                                                    Father’s Love Saves the Son
Darius was the king of Persia. Zubaid, his only son fell seriously ill. The king was worried. He called all the best doctors from Persia. They examined the prince. They tried every medicine. Even doctors from India and China were called. But the prince did not get well. On the other hand, Zubaid’s condition became still worse. The king had no other child to sit on the throne after his death. He cursed himself and his stars. He gave alms to the poor. But that too made no difference. Zubaid showed no sign of improvement. The king was heartbroken. He was convinced that the prince would die sooner or later. At last, the king had lost all hope. He came, to his sick son. He looked at his weak and lifeless face for the last time. He stood up and walked round the prince’s bed for seven times. Every time he prayed, “Allah! save my son. Take my life instead.” Then a miracle took place. Zubaid started showing signs of improvement. On the other hand, Darius fell ill. The prince was on the road to recover but the king was nearing death. One day Zubaid got well and came out of the sickman’s bed. The moment he got up, Darius fell down dead never to rise again.

Question. You are Raghav/Radhika, the student-editor of your school magazine. You have to write a short story titled ‘The Magic Gold-Fish’ for your school magazine. Using the information given in the input below alongwith your own details, write that story in 150-200 words.
Old fisherman — one day as usual cast his net into the sea — caught a gold-fish

— ‘take pity on me and put me in water’ — promised to compensate handsomely — fisherman returned home empty handed — wife angry — asked him for a new tub — went to the fish — wish granted — wife wished for a new home — goldfish granted — a new home — wife demanded marble palace, silk dresses and servants — wife not satisfied — wished to be a queen to rule over men, animals, brids and fish — fisherman went to fish — fish didn’t speak and disappeared — came back home — found his wife washing clothes in old leaking tub before her old wooden hut.

Ans.                                                                                         The Magic Gold Fish
Once a poor fisherman lived with his wife in a hut. One day as usual he cast his net into the sea. He caught a small gold-fish. To his surprise the fish could speak and pleaded with him to free her. She promised to compensate him
handsomely. If he needed anything he could come and call her. He returned home empty handed and told the whole story to his wife. His wife called him a fool and pressed him to demand a new tub as the old tub leaked. The fisherman
went to the sea and told the fish about the wish of his wife. ‘Go back home’, replied the fish. The fisherman was happy to find his wife washing her clothes in a new water-tub. The wife was not satisfied and pressed him to ask for a new house. The fish granted the wish. The greedy wife had no satisfaction. She demanded a marble palace, silken dresses and jewels. The fish again granted him his wish. She liked to be a queen to rule over all lands and seas. She wanted
all men, animals, birds and fish to serve her as slaves. The fisherman went to the fish and told her about the wish of his wife. This time the fish didn’t speak but disappeared at once into the sea. The fisherman came back home. He was
surprised to see his wife sitting outside the old hut washing the clothes in her old leaking tub.

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