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Question. ‘The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher’. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.


Respected Judges, Honourable Principal, teachers and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Komal, stand before you to speak against the motion on the topic ‘Reality T.V. draws a factual picture of life’.

These days, many television channels telecast various  reality T.V. shows. Such shows are no longer limited to Hindi entertainments  channels. English as well as regional entertainment channels are also in the league.

A lot of viewers find the daily soaps to be unreal, nonsensical and simply boring. Reality shows, on the contrary, are considered relatable, thus a respite from the daily soaps.

It is true that reality T.V. shows are interesting and most of the time hold on to the viewers’ attention. However, on the hindsight, these reality shows are just another gimmick used by television channels to gain Television Rating Points (TRPs). A make believe world is created within  the  T.V. shows, which appear to be real, but actually, it is not.

The participants in the reality T.V. shows may not be actors. However, on many occasions, they are found to be role playing. The way they behave, the things they say, seem well-rehearsed and scripted. At such times, the viewers’ emotional attachment to the reality show’s participants loses it credibility.

To top  it all, exaggerated and  forced emotions, expressed by the judges and contestants, adds to the fakeness of the reality T.V. shows. In order to cater to the sensationalism, sometimes the results are pre-decided. The contestant who is most loved by the public or has garnered maximum public sympathy and support is made the winner, where as the talented contestants  get evicted or voted out.

I would like to conclude by saying that one might learn to accept failure or success from reality T.V. shows. However, one must not believe everything one sees there.

Thank you.

Question. Consumerism is increasing day by day. Luxuries of yesterday have become necessities of today. The result is that the more we want the more miserable we become. Write a debate in 150 – 200 words on ‘The only way to minimise human suffering and pain is to control our needs.’ You are Navtej/Navita.


Honourable members of the Jury, respected Principal, Teachers, audience and My worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Navita, stand before you to speak for the motion ‘the only way to minimise human suffering and pain is to control our needs.’

“There is sufficiency in this world for man’s needs but not for man’s greed’’,  said Mahatma Gandhi. Unfortunately, this is the scenario today. The things that were regarded luxuries at one point of time are now termed as necessities. We cannot imagine life without certain items like a computer, a washing machine or even a mobile phone. But weren’t our parents and their parents able to lead content lives even without these things? It is time that we understand that we have become slaves to our greed. We not only are drying up resources rapidly to get what we want but are degrading our health too. Human beings are never satisfied with what they already have. They always want more and more. When one is unable to have exactly what one wants, one becomes sad and dissatisfied. One keeps suffering until one has what one wants. Sometimes one even resorts to criminal activities just to get what they want. However, it only increases one’s sufferings and pain.

Whatever be the problem, there is only one simple solution, controlling our needs and differentiating them from our greed. The more we enslave ourselves, the more we suffer.

Thank you.

Question. ‘Rising prices can be controlled only by the government’. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion


Respected Chairperson, Honourable Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Latika, stand before you to speak for the motion ‘Rising prices can be controlled only by the government’. Price rise or inflation deeply affects the daily life of a common man in India. It is one of the biggest problems of this country. There has been a continuous rise in prices of essential consumer products, such as grains, vegetables, cooking oil, etc. There are various reasons, which cause the prices of basic consumer goods to rise. However, one of the main  causes is the gap between the demand and supply of the products. High demand, low supply leads to hoarding and black marketing. The high demand essential commodities are then sold  at even higher prices. The common man is the most affected at the time of inflation. They have no other options than to buy basic, everyday use products at escalated prices. If this continues to happen in the future, it will become tough for the common man to survive.

The government must empathise with the plight of the poorest of the poor and take some necessary actions to prevent prices of essential commodities from sky-rocketing.

It should put a stop to hoarding and black marketing  and  come  up  with  adequate mechanisms to increase the production of the essential commodities to meet the rising demands. The needs of the common man should be looked into before exporting products to other countries. Moreover, in adverse situation, Government can utilise subsidies so that the prices can be kept low.

Summing up, I would like to say that the common man can do cost cutting or check his spending capacity. But, it is the Government  that can do much more than just implement laws.

Thank you.

Question. The government has banned the use of animals in the laboratories for the purpose of dissection. Write a debate in 150 – 200 words either for or against this decision.


Respected Principal, Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all. Today I, Neetu stand before you to speak for the motion ‘Ban Animal Dissection’.

The dissection of animals inside science labs encourages cruelty towards animals. Animal dissection is an unethical practice because many of these animals are captured from their natural surroundings and treated unjustly.

Animals are sold to schools from pet stores and, at times, as by-products from meat industries. They are shipped in small and crowded containers, which are not properly ventilated.

Like humans, animals too have the right to live a respectful life. However, animal  dissection is just one way of snatching away that right. It also inculcates in students the wrong idea that animals lives don’t  matter,  that  they are disposable. The question worth asking is, is animal dissection really that  necessary, unless a student chooses to pursue career in that field? If at all, he or she does, the student would get the opportunity to practise dissection on human cadavers at the University.

I would like to conclude by saying, it is the age of technology and education is becoming virtual. So why not opt for virtual dissection instead of actual dissection? It is not only educative and interactive, it is also economical and saves the of precious lives of many animals.

Thank you.

Question. ‘Brain drain is not a bane for a developing country like India’. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.


Respected Chairperson, Honourable Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Meera, stand before you to speak for the motion. Having more and more money is the tendency inherent in every person in India. Most often we migrate to other countries either to study further or earn money. In this regard, I can firmly say that intelligent people drifting away abroad to find better opportunities is definitely not a boon for India.

The developing India has become a hub  for IT industries. Cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Gurgaon are providing ample opportunities  to the deserving people with good salary packages.

With so many lucrative opportunities  presented in a platter, Indians must consider staying and working in India and help it progress faster.

One of the biggest reasons why brain drain is not good for developing countries, such as India is that it benefits the foreign countries. Besides loss of talent, it is also a national loss because of expenses incurred on a brilliant student’s education. Whenever the retrenchment starts in foreign countries, the Indians are at the forefront. They also treat us as second rate citizens. Therefore, foreign jobs may pay a lot of money but there is not always respect in them.

In conclusion, in a country like India, where cultural values are of utmost  importance,  Brain Drain sometimes also leads to the erosion of same cultural values. Needless to say, Brain Drain is a bane for developing countries.

Thank you.

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