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Question. Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Importance of prayer in the morning at school’. You are Karan/Karuna.


Good morning, Respected Principal honourable teachers and my dear friends.

Today I, Karuna, am here to put across my views on the topic ‘the importance of prayer in the morning at school’. Each morning is a new beginning with new hopes and aspirations. Therefore, new mornings should start afresh. Morning prayer, done with the rest of the school, allows every individual to start the day on a positive note.

The prayers, the words of wisdom and motivational passages read and shared during the morning assembly promotes spiritual well being of each individual. One comes to terms with the fact that all religions teach the same thing and that no religion is greater than the other. In addition to that, morning prayers build meditative, reflective spirit, which further helps one to calm his or her mind. This further improves one’s concentration, which is extremely necessary for both teachers and students to get on with the day.

In conclusion, having morning prayer at school is ideal because it upholds the value system established by one’s school, family and society by making students aware of its importance.

Question. After Independence India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of corruption. The public has often become disgusted and disappointed. As Venkat, a well known journalist, write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Corruption, its causes and solutions’.


Good morning, dear friends!

I am Venkat, as a journalist by profession and a responsible citizen of India, I wish to express my views on ‘corruption, its causes and solution’. Corruption can be understood as misappropriation of government or public property or money. It is an unlawful and immoral act. After Independence

India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of

corruption. The public has often become disgusted and disappointed for a certain period of time. But, they soon become immune to their problems and issues emerging due to corruption and eventually forget about it. Why did corruption raise its ugly head in India? Its colonial past contributed in flourishing corrupt practices. It is not difficult to visualise the relation between scarcity and corruption. Add to it, the vested interests and greed of the people in power. 

Whatever the reason may be, corruption is a major obstacle in the process of economic growth and modernisation of the nation. Thus, country needs an anti-corruption bill like Jan Lokpal. In a democracy like India, the power is vested not only in the executive, but also the people. Hence, constant vigil and intervention by the civil society is also required. Punishment must be enhanced, compensation increased and illegally amassed wealth must be recovered. As aware citizens, we must overcome this fear and work towards a corruption free society.

Thank you.

Question. Write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Benefits of early rising’ to be delivered by you in the morning assembly of your school. You are Karuna/Karan, Head Girl/Head Boy.


Good Morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

I, Karuna, Head Girl, take this opportunity to present my views on the topic ‘benefits of early rising.’ In good old days, people used to go early to bed and rise early from bed. This particular habit is refreshing and very energising. It gives a positive start to the day.

The busy and hectic life of the present generation must inculcate this habit of early rising, which relieves stress and tension. Rising early increases productivity and helps in better time management.

Students, especially benefit most out of early rising. Early morning is the best time to study as there is less distractions and disturbance. Early morning is the ideal time to meditate and to do physical exercises/yoga, which makes our body and mind fit. In conclusion, I would like to say that rising early in the morning not only gives us extra time in the day, it also makes us more productive and wiser.

Thank you.

Question. You are Rajendra Kumar, a social worker. You read an article in The Hindu on ‘Health Care for Indian Workers’. Write a speech in 125- 150 words on the importance of health care to be delivered at a public function to create awareness among the workers.


Good morning, dear friends.

Today I, Rajendra Kumar, stand before you to talk about an extremely important issue, which often gets neglected-health care for Indian workers. I wonder why we don’t care much for the health of other human beings. When it comes to Indian workers, we especially remain mute spectators to their misery. Often, the workers work in inhuman conditions, neglecting their health. In addition to that, there are no proper health care facilities for workers. Lack of finance, awareness and hygienic living conditions are few of the major seasons, which lead to their poor health, zero immunity to diseases and untimely death. The authorities must ensure clean and healthy working conditions for these people. It is the responsibility of the government to provide affordable health care services to these workers and their families. Indian workers should be taught the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Many non-governmental organisations can play a role in spreading awareness about health and hygiene. These workers play a major role in our life. We must understand and appreciate their contribution towards society. Access to basic health facilities is their right. Together, as responsible citizens, we should try to make their lives as healthy as ours.

Thank you.

Question. Sakshi Malik won a bronze medal in Rio Olympics. Every Indian felt proud of her. You, Head Girl of your school want to deliver a speech in order to express your feelings. Write the speech in 150-200 words. Apart from your own ideas use the following clues : Wrestling mostly a male sport – Sakshi born in conservative surroundings – most unfavourable gender ratio for females – parental encouragement – one can’t forget the look of determination on her face in the last three minutes of the bout.


Good morning, Respected Principal, honourable teachers and my fellow students, as you all probably know that Sakshi Malik has made India proud by winning a bronze medal in wrestling in Olympics. I, Meera Sen, Head Girl, am here to express my joy on her winning.

Wrestling is predominantly a male sport. Since it requires a lot of physical strength and stamina, men are more attracted to it. Moreover, in a country like India, where majority of the society is still patriarchal, wrestling is not associated with women. In fact, in some parts of India, girls are not even allowed to play games, let alone participate in sports. This is why there are only a handful of women sportspersons and even less in wrestling.

Sakshi Malik was born in conservative surroundings in Rohtak, Haryana to parents, who earned a modest living. Sakshi found her inspiration to wrestle in her grandfather, who too had been a wrestler. On being encouraged by her parents, Sakshi started her training at the age of twelve with coach Ishwar Dahiya.

With great deal of hard work, passion for wrestling and determination, Sakshi became a proficient wrestler who went on to win numerous awards and making her parents and India proud.

From this we learn that no matter what the circumstances be, if we are passionate about our dreams, then we must work hard and pursue it fearlessly with an undeterred determination.

On winning the bronze in 2016 Sakshi Malik became the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics. One cannot forget the look of determination on her face in the last three minutes of the bout.

Thank you.

Question. You are Sampreet, an educationist. You have noticed that the youth of today are often unable to cope with stress and become frustrated and bitter. Write a speech in 125-150 words to be delivered at a college function on ‘Youth, their problems and solutions’.


A very good morning to you all!

I am Sampreet and, as an educationalist, it is my duty to throw light on the disturbing behaviour of the youth becoming more and more frustrated in dealing with stress.

The level of competition, among the youth, whether it is in the education or job front, along with peer pressure, have been increasing by the day. Without proper guidance youth is often unable to handle the stress and becomes frustrated easily. It then leads to depression, anxiety and anger, which further leads to cases of suicide, road rage, hate crimes, alcohol consumptions, drug abuse, etc.

The solution is simple: the youth needs unstinted support, and love of their parents, teachers and elders. We need to remove the unnecessary pressure from our education system and give the youth opportunity to develop the skills, which they are proficient at. Recognising their qualities would bring upon them a positive attitude thus putting an end to stress. Proper counselling from good counsellors would help understand and solve their problems. Youth who have lost their hope must be encouraged and inspired to know his or her potential. Relaxation and mental balance is best achieved with meditation and yoga. Indulging in hobbies is another way to de-stress occasionally. The most important thing is we need to impart value education so the youth have high self- confidence and great tolerance and patience.

Thank you.

Question. Write a speech in 150-120 words on the topic, ‘Discipline shapes the future of a student’. It is to be delivered in the morning assembly. You are Karuna/Karan.


Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends.

Today I, Karan, am here to present my views on the topic, ‘discipline shapes the future of a student.’ Discipline is a means of keeping the things in order. It inculcates in us a sense of duty and obedience. In the words of Swami Vivekanand: “Duty is obedience to the voice of conscience,

discipline is necessary not only in schools and colleges, but in all walks of life. Absence of discipline will lead to chaos and confusion in life.” Discipline is a training, especially of the mind and character aimed at producing self-controlled obedience. It is absolutely essential to the growth and development of an individual and a healthy society. It is indispensable for one and all in every walk of life. It is highly necessary at home, at school, in the playground, in society, etc. Discipline must be taught early in life. The home is the nursery, where we receive our first lesson of discipline, through obedience to parents and elders.

The value of discipline in the political, social and economic life of a country is no less important. Only a nation of disciplined people can rise to the occasion. An undisciplined nation invites its doom sooner or later. Hence, discipline is a precious treasure. Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder and punishment is not a punitive way to reform a student.

Thank you.

Question. Outside the gate of your school there are a few food carts. They don’t observe strict hygienic standards. You have observed that so many of your students go to them immediately after the school is over. This can create health problems. As Principal write a speech in 150- 200 words on ‘Healthy Food’ to be delivered in the morning assembly.


Good morning teachers and my dear students,

Ann Wigmore, a holistic health practitioner, once said – “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

It means that the food you choose to eat either makes you heathy or affects you adversely. Therefore, make wise food choices.

I have observed that there are a few food carts outside the school gate. Many students go to them immediately after the school is over.

It is understandable that you feel hungry in the afternoon and are tempted by the food items sold at the food carts. However, they do not observe strict hygiene standards, especially not while preparing the food.

Eating unhygenic food causes a variety of severe health problems and illnesses, such as jaundice, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, food poisoning, etc. Falling sick makes us physically weak because of which we are unable to do the important things. Post falling sick, students need time to recuperate. This hampers their studies, resulting unsatisfying scores in tests and exams. Moreover, these being communicable diseases, there is always a threat of the virus spreading. This prevents one from going out to play.

Therefore, it is advisable to develop healthy and hygenic food habits. If you wish to continue to enjoy eating street food from open food carts, then make sure that you take some precautions. Check whether the hawker keeps the surrounding clean. There should not be any drains, either open or closed, near his/her food cart. Check whether he/ she disposes off the waste effectively. The hawker must keep all the food items covered and in clean containers. Such precautions would prevent one from falling sick to quite an extent.

Whenever you see hawker not observing strict hygienic standards, create awareness regarding cleanliness, health and hygiene. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Thank you.

Question. You are Ajay/Anu, Head Boy/Girl of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kanpur. You have seen some students of junior classes littering the school compound and verandahs with tiffin leftovers. It makes the school look unclean and untidy. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly, advising such students to keep the school neat and clean.


Respected Principal, teachers and my fellow students.

Today I, Anu, Head Girl, have come before you with an issue that is slowly, but surely becoming a major source of concern within our school compound. Regretfully, it has been observed that the students of junior classes litter the school compound and verandahs with tiffin leftovers. Such behaviour is simply unacceptable because it makes the school look unclean and untidy. In addition, leftover food attracts flies and other germs and bacterias, which harms one’s immune system and makes one fall ill again and again. There are many communicable diseases, which spread quickly either through air, water or food.

In order to avoid being sick all the time, it is mandatory to keep the premises clean, Students must try to finish their tiffins. If they are unable to do so, it is the students’ responsibility to throw leftover food or garbage in their respective bins i.e. use green bin for biodegradable waste and blue for non-biodegradable waste.

Students must also ensure that others are keeping the school premises neat and tidy. Not just the school, but one must keep their home and surroundings clean as well. I would like to conclude by saying that if everybody takes the initiative to keep their surroundings clean, eventually it will lead to a cleaner city, country and the environment. I urge all the students to take the initiative today, right now.

Thank you.

Question. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic, ‘Water, a valuable asset, conservation at home and at school’. You are Karuna/Karan.


Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

Today I, Karan am here to present my views on the topic ‘water a valuable asset, conservation at home and at school.’

Water is one of the nature’s precious gifts to mankind. All living creatures need water and it is the most essential component of life. Although, water is a renewable natural resource, man has been misusing it time and again. Fresh, clean water is quickly becoming scarce. Therefore, people should strive to conserve water as much as possible. It is easy to save water at home and school by making smart choices. We should turn off the taps tightly after use, wash pets outdoors in an area of the lawn that needs water, get leaking pipes repaired at the earliest, etc.

Until and unless we use water judiciously, we cannot conserve it. We also have to create awareness about the importance of and need to save water. Media is the best and quickest way to do so. Other than that, street plays, nukkad natak, etc. also a medium to spread the word.

We should act responsibly and adopt water conservation methods, such as rainwater harvesting, recycling, etc. I would like to conclude by saying that water conservation is necessary so that our future generations do not have to suffer.

Thank you.

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