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Question. You have visited a book exhibition in your neighbourhood. Write a report in about 125- 150 words on the exhibition. You are Rohan/ Rohini.


Book Exhibition

by Rohan

The Residents Welfare Association of Nehru Nagar organised the Fifth Book Exhibition in the community centre of the locality. The two-days long exhibition started on 25 February 20×× and attracted over five thousand book lovers from all over Delhi. Renowned publishing houses participated in the fair. Books written by well known writers were on display. The book stalls were systematically divided. The exhibition also offered heavy discounts on all books. People were excited to get access to some of the rare books that were on display. The event was graced by the presence of the popular writer and novelist Chetan Bhagat.

Question. Write a report in 125-150 words on the Zonal Cricket Tournament held in the playground of A.B.C. School, Laxmi Nagar last week. Your report should include details, such as names of participating teams, exciting, cheerful atmosphere, decorated playground, a large crowd of cheering students and presentation ceremony. You are Gopalan/Gauri, Student Editor of your school magazine.


Zonal Cricket Tournament

By Gauri Pradhan

A.B.C. School, Lakshmi Nagar hosted a Zonal Cricket Tournament last week from 15 March, 20×× to 22 March, 20×× in their playground. Total of fifteen public schools from the four zones participated in the tournament.

Throughout the week, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and cheer. On the day of the commencement of the tournament, the school was beautifully decorated with garlands and colourful banners. Each day of the tournament week saw a large gathering of applauding students at the playground, who came to cheer for their favourite team.

The final match was played on 22 March 20×× between Sanskriti School, R.K. Puram and St. Paul’s School, Hauz Khas. Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni graced the occasion by being the Chief Guest on the day of the finals. He also presented the trophies and cups to the winning team. He praised the young players and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks given by the Principal of the school.

Question. Your school Kanpur Senior Secondary School, Kanpur celebrated ‘No Tobacco Day’ on 4th September. Write a report in 100-125 words on the activities performed for your school newsletter. You are Shobita/Sameer, Cultural Secretary of your school. Invent the necessary details.


No Tobacco Day Celebrated

by Shobita, Cultural Secretary

On 4th June, 20xx, Kanpur Senior Secondary School celebrated ‘No Tobacco Day’ with great gusto. The interesting and educative event was organised to highlight the evil effects of tobacco on human body. The programme was inaugurated by the Health Minister. Students had exhibited pictures, posters and caricatures depicting the harmful effects of smoking. The miserable state of tobacco addicts was demonstrated by the students of theatre club who presented it in a thought provoking play. The poster making competition saw a variety of creative expression of the messages ‘No Smoking’ and ‘Smoking is Injurious to Health’. Then the school doctor gave an enlightening discourse on how tobacco causes cancer and other lung diseases. He used slides, graphs and pictures to illustrate his talk. A short film was also screened to drive home the menace caused by smoking or chewing tobacco. Students resolved not to smoke or chew tobacco and also vowed to encourage others to say no to it.

Question. You are Smitha/Smith, Secretary, Cultural Association, Motilal Fomra School, Tirupati. Last month your school celebrated Library Week in which book reading sessions, writing of book reviews, lectures by eminent writers, etc. were organised. Write a report on it to be published in your school newsletter in 100- 125 words.


Library Week

by Sunita Mathews, Secretary Cultural Association

Motilal Fomra School, Tirupati celebrated Library Week from 5th October to 11th October 20×× in the school premises. The event was inaugurated by famous writer Vikram Seth who was warmly welcomed by the Principal and staff.

On the first day, students presented an entertaining and educative play about books, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed including Mr. Seth. Later, he talked about his love for books and libraries and why libraries are so valuable.

The remaining days witnessed visits by many eminent writers, who delivered lectures on various topics. Representatives of the local library also visited the school to urge students to become members of the library and enjoy benefits, such as issuing of multiple books, magazines, DVDs. Besides discourses, the school also held various fun activities, such as book reading sessions, writing of book review, creative writing competition, book donation, etc. On the final day of the Library Week, the school held book reading by Amitabh Ghosh, another renowned writer, who later distributed prizes amongst the winners of the competitions. He also applauded the efforts of school and congratulated the Principal, students and teachers for the success of the event.

Question. Your school conducted a seminar on ‘How to prevent cruelty towards animals’, in which 40 city CBSE schools took part. As co-ordinator of the programme, write a report in 100- 125 words for the school magazine. You are Vikram/Vidhi of C.P.S. Senior Secondary School, Bangalore.


How to Prevent Cruelty Towards Animals

by Vidhi, Programme Co-ordinator

G.P.S Senior Secondary School, Bangalore conducted a day long seminar on ‘How to Prevent Cruelty Towards Animals’ on March 3, 20×× The seminar was held in the school auditorium and 40 C.B.S.E. schools of the city participated. Prominent Animal Rights activist and environmentalist, Smt. Maneka Gandhi, graced the occasion with her presence as the Chief Guest and one of the speakers on the panel. The seminar which commenced at 10:00 a.m. included representatives from various animal welfare organisations and groups, who expressed their views on unspeakable cruelty inflicted on animals. They also threw light upon various ways to put a stop to it. Representatives of PETA, India presented some gruesome visuals of animals being ill-treated including images from circus, testing labs, meat factories, etc. Representatives of Blue Cross, Chennai on the other hand, shared their animal rescue videos with those present.

The seminar concluded with the screening of the movie ‘Hachiko’, starring Richard Gere. The Principal thanked Smt. Maneka Gandhi and other speakers of the panel along with all the students and teachers who participated in the seminar.

Question. You witnessed a bomb blast in a Delhi market when you went there for shopping alongwith your parents for Diwali purchases. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine.


Bomb Blast In Chandni Chowk

by XYZ

On October 11, 20××, the residents, shop owners and shoppers were shook by twin blasts in Chandni Chowk. The incidents took place at noon with the first bomb going off at 12:00 p.m. in the cloth market and the second one minutes later at 12:03 p.m. at Dariba Kalan. The market was bustling with people in festive mood as Diwali is fast approaching. According to those present at the score, the first bomb was well hidden in a water barrel, which was kept under a pile of cloths. The second bomb was placed in an abandoned car parked close to the entrance of the Dariba Kalan street. The blasts claimed eight lives and injured many others. Police arrived at the blast spots with ambulances and the bomb squad. The injured victims were rushed to the nearby hospitals. The area was scaled for further investigation. Media also arrived on time to report the breaking news. So far, nobody has taken the responsibility of the blasts, but the police claims it to be a terrorist attack.

Question. You are Poorva/Partha, Cultural Secretary of your school, D.B. Senior Secondary School, Ambur. A week-long Music and Dance festival was organised by your school. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. Invent the details.


Music and Dance Festival

By Poorva Chauhan, Cultural Secretary

D.B. Senior Secondary School Ambur organised a week-long music and dance festival starting from June 20 to June 27, 20××. The grand event saw participation from various schools in the zone. The festival was held in the school’s auditorium. Smt. Smriti Irani was invited as the Chief Guest to grace the occasion with her presence.

The music and dance festival began with the welcome dance and Saraswati Vandana. Competition of various Indian and western dance and music were held. Part of the audience marvelled at the dancing skills of the young dancers while others appreciated the melodious singing.

Prizes were distributed soon after the competitions were over. A group of students from D.A.V. School performed Bharatnatyam extremely well and solo Ghazal performance by Umesh from D.B. School enthralled the audience very much. Priya Rastogi of Modern School played electric guitar and left everyone asking for more. She won the first prize in western instruments category.

The festival came to an end with the vote of thanks by the Principal, who congratulated everyone for making the event a grand success.

Question. You witnessed a programme performed by differently abled persons on Zee T.V. You were very much impressed by their performance and were emotionally touched. Highlighting their talent, reaction of the judges to their performance, etc., prepare a report in 100- 125 words for your school magazine. You are Gopal/Gopi, Student Editor of the magazine.


Spot on Performance by the Differently Abled

by Gopi Prasad, Student Editor

In the lastest episode of their popular, talent related reality show, Zee T.V. roped in several participants who were differently abled. The episode was telecast on June 17, 20×× at 9:00 p.m. In this episode, viewers witnessed the differently abled contestants showcase their talent on stage. While a blind man mesmerised the judges and the audience with his melodious voice, a girl with amputated arms made a painting with her feet and amazed everyone. Other performances included, gymnastics by an autistic girl, group dance presented by children on wheel chairs and mime performance by a twelve year old deaf and mute boy.

Each and every act left the judges and audience speechless and emotionally touched who gave the differently abled participants a much deserved standing ovation. The teary eyed judges congratulated them and urged others to take inspiration from them, to have faith in oneself and determination and never give up hope.

The channel presented each participant with a sum of ` 10,000/- to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Question. The Green Club of your school celebrated ‘Van Mahotsava and Environment Protection Week’ involving students of your school. Eminent environmentalists, journalists and celebrities were also invited. Write a report in 100-125 words on the activities performed for a local daily. You are Amrit/Amrita, Secretary of the Club.


Enviornment Week Celebrated

by Amrita, Secretary, Green Club

June 8, 20×× : The Green Club of XYZ Senior Secondary School celebrated ‘Van Mahotsava and Environment Protection Week’ starting from June 1, 20×× to June 6, 20××, Monday to Friday. The first day of the event was held at the school auditorium and was inaugurated by eminent environmentalist Nora Alvares. The Principal welcomed her by presenting a sapling. In her speech Ms. Alvares shared the importance of and the need to protect the environment. The audience were enlightened by her insightful speech. Various schools were invited to participate in the Environment Protection Week. The remaining days saw a variety of cultural programmes, such as dance, plays, seminars, etc. celebrating the nature and the environment. On June 5, 20××, the Environment Day, The Green Club organised various competitions based on Environment Protection theme. The competition included, street play, poster making, one act plays, quiz, etc. Well known environmentalists, journalists and celebrities graced the occasion with their presence and by judging the competitions. On the last day of Environment Week, The Green Club welcomed Ms. Vasundhara Das, popular actress, singer and environmentalist to give away the prizes to the competition winners. She applauded the efforts of the school and students and urged everyone to protect the environment in every possible way. She also planted a sapling along with Principal, staff and students of the school.

Question. The Eco Club of your school launched a special cleanliness drive in the school and its neighborhood. As Secretary of the club, write a report in 100-125 words giving details of the programme. You are Karan of A.M.M. High School, Hyderabad.


Special Cleanliness Drive Programme

by Karan, Secretary, Eco Club, A.M.M. High School, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, April 2, 20×× : The Eco Club of the school launched a special cleanliness drive in the school and its neighbourhood from March 24 to March 30. All the students from primary to the senior classes participated in it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Each individual participating in 

the cleanliness drive were provided with a pair of disposable gloves and a garbage bag. After proper disposal of garbage collected from school, the participants of the cleanliness drive moved out to clear the neighbourhood. Students and teachers went out and swept the neighbouring streets encouraging others to participate too. They sprayed mosquito killing sprays in the drains to avoid breeding of mosquitoes. The members of the Eco Club performed a skit for the residents of the neighbourhood on the theme ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ The message it sent forth was that one should keep one’s home and school clean and at the same time as a responsible citizen, keep one’s surroundings clean too, including the alley, roads, parks, etc. It was indeed an excellent initiative taken by the school to make people aware of the need to keep their surroundings and city clean.

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