Class 10 English Sample Paper with Solutions Set J

Sample Papers for Class 10

Students should go through the below Class 10 English Sample Paper with Solutions Set J provided below. The English Sample paper Class 10 has been prepared based on the latest examination pattern issued by CBSE. All Cass 10 English Sample Papers have been designed by expert teachers based on the latest syllabus and guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS.

Class 10 English Sample Paper with Solutions Set J

Class 10 English Sample Paper Set J

Time Allowed : 3 Hours                                                                                                                                   Maximum Marks : 80
General Instructions :
(i) This paper is divided into three sections: A, B and C. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very
carefully and follow them.
(iii) Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions

Section A -Reading (20 Marks)

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (8 Marks)

1. The small village of Somnathpur contains an extraordinary temple, built around A.D. 1268 by the Hoyasalas of Karnataka—one of the most prolific temple-builders. Belur and Helebid are among their-better-known works. While these suffered during the invasions of the 14th century, the Somnathpur temple stands more or less intact in near-original condition.

2. This small temple captivates with the beauty and vitality of its detailed sculpture, covering almost every inch of the walls, pillars, and even ceilings. It has three shikharas and stands on a star-shaped, raised platform with 24 edges. The outer walls have a profusion of detailed carvings : the entire surface run over by carved plaques of stone. There were vertical panels covered by exquisite figures of god and goddesses, with many incarnations being depicted.

3. There were nymphs too, some carrying an ear of maize (a symbol of plenty and prosperity). The elaborate ornamentation, very characteristic of Hoyasalas sculptures, was a remarkable feature. On closer look—and it is worth it—the series of friezes on the outer walls revealed intricately carved caparisoned elephants, charging horsemen, stylised flowers, warriors, musicians, crocodiles, and swans.

4. The temple was actually commissioned by Soma Dandanayaka or Somnath (he named the village after himself), the minister of Hoyasala king, Narasimha the Third. The temple was built to house three versions of Krishna. The inner center of the temple was the kalyana mandapa. Leading from here were three corridors, each ending in a shrine, one for each kind of Krishna-Venugopala, Janardana and Prasanna Keshava, though only two remain in their original form. In the darkness of the sanctum sanctorum, I tried to discern the different images. The temple’s sculptural perfection is amazing and it includes the doors of the temple and the three elegantly carved towers.

1.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage given above, answer the following question. (1 × 8 = 8)

(a) The Somnath temple was built to house the three. 
(i) prolific temple builders
(ii) symbols of prosperity
(iii) versions of Krishna
(iv) Hoyasalas of Karnataka


(a) (iii) versions of Krishana

(b) The outer walls of the temple have a profusion of detailed:
(i) carvings
(ii) captivates
(iii) invasions
(iv) shikharas


(b) (ii) carvings

(c) The temple stands on a star-shaped platform having 24 edges and _____
(i) god and goddesses
(ii) nymphs
(iii) captivities
(iv) 3 shikharas


(c) (iv) 3 shikharas

(d) The beauty of the temple lies its detailed carrings on the:
(i) outer walls
(ii) ceiling
(iii) pillars
(iv) all of these


(d) (iv) all of these

(e) The temple stands on a:
(i) star-shaped platform
(ii) moon-shaded platform
(iii) V-shaped platform
(iv) U-shaped platform


(e) (i) star-shaped platform

(f ) The series of friezes on the outer walls displayed:
(i) caprisoned elephants
(ii) charging horseman
(iii) warriors (iv) all of these


(f) (iv) all of these

(g) Each corridor leading from Kalyan a mandapa was ending in a _____


(g) Shrine

(h) The towers of the temple had no attraction at all.


(h) False

2. 2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (12 Marks)

1. Good health is the soundness of body, mind and soul. It is that condition in which the body and mind duly discharge their functions. Good health helps everyone to be creative and work for the welfare of the society. He has to be, therefore, free from diseases : or, if he suffers from a disease he needs treatments not only for that particula disease but for the whole body, mind and soul. In other words, a doctor has to have a sound approach to the patients.

2. In these days of specialization, doctors cure a patient only for his immediate disease, treating it in isolation. Such an approach goes against the old aphorism that “prevention is better than cure”. Dr. Hedge provides insight into the overall causes of simple and serious disease and describes the methods of preventing them without having to take medicine but exercising, self-control on food consumption, smoking and intake of alcoholic drinks. He also advocates regular yoga exercise and meditation to keep fit, but at the same time warns against over indulgence.

3. Hedge stresses the importance of laughter because, laughter induces secretion of good catecholamine which is hormone, produced by adrenal glands; they can be both beneficial and harmful. They are harmful when a person is angry, but beneficial if he laughs. For a healthy living, “Laughter proves to be great boon,” Hedge says.

4. In these days of hectic life, full of stress, strain and emotions, everyone needs to lead a relaxed life. The best form of relaxation, according to Hedge, is sound sleep. “Restful sleep at night will recharge our batteries for the following day’s fruitful endeavour,” he says. There is no use of lying on the bed and tossing without sleep. Under those circumstances it is better to read or engage oneself in some light mental activities which are useful. But never seek refuge in alcoholic drinks or pills for inducing sleep, as these are not refreshing for an individual. For a normal human being, eight hours of sleep a day is sufficient to keep him free from stress. More than nine to ten hours of sleep a day would produce increased muscle protein, loss in the body and might even shorten one’s life.

5. Society must be sympathetic to drug addicts, understand their problems and gave up help to them by motivating and keeping them busy. Alcoholic anonymous may help addicts kick their habit of drug abuse and excess drinking. Hedge claims that cigarette smoking causes more premature deaths than all other “Killers” put togethers—AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, fire, automobile accidents, homicide and suicide. Ninety per cent of cancer victims are heavy smokers. The author stresses on the right type of diet daily exercise for healthy living. He has also talked of the danger of over-exercising in these days of fitness mania.

2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions in 30-40 words: (2 × 4 = 8)

(a) According to Hedge, what is the importance of laughter?
 Laughter induces secretion of good catecholamine which is hormone produced by adrenal glands. They can be both beneficial and harmful. They are harmful when a person is angry but beneficial if he laughs.

(b) What is the best form of relaxation in these days of hectic life? How?
 In these days of hectic life, the best form of relaxation is sound sleep. Restful sleep at night recharges our batteries for the following day.

(c) What do you mean by Good Health? How does it help?
 Good Health is the soundness of body, mind and soul. It is the condition in which the body and mind duly discharge their functions. Good health helps everyone to be creative and work for the welfare of the society.

(d) Write do’s and dont’s for sleep.
For a normal human being, eight hours of sleep a day is sufficient to keep him free from stress. Recharges our body. Never seek refuge in alcoholic drinks or pills for inducing sleep. Don’t sleep more than nine to ten hours a day. It would produce increased muscle protein.

2.2. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions in 30-40 words: (1× 4 = 4)

(a) In para 2, the word which means ‘satisfaction’ is _____
(i) specialization
(ii) isolation
(iii) meditation
(iv) indulgence


(a) (iv) indulgence

(b) In para 4, the word which means ‘very busy’ is _____ .


(b) hectic

(c) In para 4, the word opposite in meaning to ‘preventing’ is _____
(i) following
(ii) tossing
(iii) inducing
(iv) increased


(c) (iii) inducing

(d) In para 5, the word opposite in meaning to ‘cruel’ is _____


(d) sympathetic

Section B – Writing & Grammar (30 Marks)

3. We all know that health is wealth but we seldom remember to apply this truth in our fast paced lives. Write an article in about 100-150 words highlighting the importance of healthy body and healthy mind. (8 Marks)
Ans.                                                                                  A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

It is an old saying, ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.’ It is true even today. A person with a good physique has a sound mind. One should get up early in the morning; go out for a walk to inhale fresh air, do jogging or brisk walk regularly. One should take fresh and balanced diet. One should not be jealous or angry. One should keep good company also. There is also an old saying that ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’. Good health saves one’s money also. One should read good books. Books on great men also help one to achieve virtues. Virtues also help one in keeping good health. Reading of books does not leave any time to get into bad company. One also acquires wisdom through books. All these things bring happiness and contentment which are vital for good health. It is rightly said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


You are Abhimanyu Sikri, resident of 119, Nilgiri Apartments, Kirti Nagar, Delhi. You purchased a wardrobe made of recycled wood shaving; from M/s Pawan Sales, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter of complaint to the Sales Manager asking for replacement of the product which you purchased 15 days ago. You have found that doors do not shut and the paint is uneven.
119, Nilgiri Apartments
Kirti Nagar, Delhi
25th August, 2019
The Sales Manager
M/s Pawan Sales
Ramesh Nagar, Delhi
Sub: Complaint about faulty wardrobe
I had purchased a wardrobe on 2 August, 20xx, vide cash memo No. 355, with teak wood finish and tan colour. The wardrobe is not of acceptable quality and does not match in sample wardrobe that I was shown in the store. The doors of the wardrobe do not open and shut properly and the stain on the wardrobe is uneven, with one half darker than the other. So I would like you to replace it with one of the same quality as the sample and arrange for return of the faulty wardrobe at your cost. I would like to have this problem fixed quickly else I will lodge a formal complaint with consumer court.
Yours faithfully
Abhimanyu Sikri
Enclosed: Copy of the receipt.

4. Write a story in about 150-200 words with the help of following hints. (10 Marks)
Hints: A king named Vijendra Singh/people of his Kingdom lived happily/but were lazy/ King hatched a plan/put a stone in the middle of road/nobody moved/surprised afterwards/ felt ashamed.
Ans. Once upon a time, a King named Vijendra Singh ruled over a Kingdom named Rampur. The people of the Kingdom had everything they aspired for and they were very satisfied with their ruler. With the passage of time, he observed that his people had become lazy due to their comfortable living. The king was distressed. He called his minister Kamal Singh who was very wise. He came to the King’s court and the King expressed his concern. The minister who was known for his wisdom thought of a plan and conveyed it to the king. The next day a big stone was placed in the middle of a busy road in the Kingdom. The King and the minister hoped that someone would come and move the stone so that it did not obstruct the passage. Several weeks passed but no one moved the stone. They all went around the stone, took a different road. The King was surprised when he heard the people merely criticised the Kingdom’s officials and the civic authorities instead of putting in efforts to shift the stone. Finally the King called off the soldiers to remove the stone. Under the stone, they found an iron box which the King had deliberately kept, wherein were two thousand silver coins. All came to know about the same i.e. the plan. The people felt ashamed. They promised the King that they would shed their laziness and would start working hard.


Complete the story with the help of the following beginning.
Once upon a time there was a lake in which there lived a turtle and two swans.

Ans. Once upon a time there was a lake in which there lived a turtle and two swans. The turtle was extremely talkative. All day, he would talk and talk and talk and talk…. One year, there was a drought. The entire lake dried up. So, the swans decided to migrate elsewhere— some place where they could find some water. “Can I accompany you?” the turtle asked. “Sure, why not?” the swans replied. The swans went off and fetched a stick.

“Listen up,” they said to the turtle. “We’ll hold on to the either side of the stick. You latch on to the middle using your mouth. But be careful not to talk! “By all means!” the turtle answered. The swans then took up, gripping the stick with their beak. The turtle hung on as tight as he could. Up and up they went. “What a great view,” the turtle thought. They crossed the mountains and valleys and then came upon a town. From up above, the turtle saw a listening river winding its way through the town. The turtle’s face lit up with joy. He was not supposed to speak, but he couldn’t hold back. And so he looked at the swans and opened his mouth, poised to say, “Hey guys! There is fresh water in the river. Let’s stop here!” But before he could say a word the stick slipped out of his mouth. The poor turtle came tumbling down and died with a sad look on his face, one swan turned to the other and said, “One who breaks the rules always ends up suffering.”

5. Fill in the gaps by choosing the most appropriate words from the options given below. (1 × 4 = 4)

Cooperatives have (a) _____ reputation for selling unadulterated goods (b) _____ do not emphasise maximum profit. The milk sellers form a cooperative. They organise (c) _____ the milk to be collected at village levels and transported to a plant where (d)_____ can be pasteurised. Amul is another success story of cooperatives.

(a) (i) a
(ii) an
(iii) the
(iv) it


(a) (i) a

(b) (i) but
(ii) and
(iii) or
(iv) so


(b) (ii) and

(c) (i) to
(ii) on
(iii) for
(iv) of


(c) (iii) for

(d) (i) they
(ii) this
(iii) there
(iv) it


(d) (iv) it

6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against each line of the passage. (1 × 4 = 4

In British days, India e.g. knowing known was knowing
                                                                    Incorrect        Correct
like a country of Maharajas, snake          (a)
charmers and beggars while a first         (b)
two species is almost extinct,                 (c)
beggars are surviving perhaps on          (d)
adopting Darwins’s theory of survival


7. Rearrange the following groups of words and phrases to form meaningful sentences: (1 × 4 = 4)

(a) are machines/to think/robots/that use/a computer brain
Ans. Robots are machines that use a computer brain to thin

(b) are sent/computer brain/in the robot’s parts/ messages/from the/to motors
Ans. Messages are sent from the computer brain to motors in the robot’s parts.

(c) can be/to do/of work/robots/programmed/many kinds
Ans. Robots can be programmed to do many kinds of work.

(d) is the/computer science/concerned with/robotics/ field/and engineering/creating robots
Ans. Robotics is the field of computer science and engineering concerned with creating robot

Section C – Literature (30 Marks)

8. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (1 × 4 = 4)

My head is full of whispers which tomorrow will be silent.
Listen The glass is breaking.
The trees are stumbling forward into the night.

(a) Her head is full:
(i) of whispers
(ii) of strange idea
(iii) new ideas
(iv) fantastic data


(a) (i) of whispers

(b) The glass is:
(i) shining
(ii) breaking
(iii) reflecting images
(iv) cracking


(b) (ii) breaking

(c) All those whispers will be _____ tomorrow.


(c) silent

(d) The trees are stumbling _____ into the night


(d) forward


Weeks went by and still Wanda did not answer. Peggy had begun to forget the whole business, and Maddie put herself to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda, defending her from great crowds of girls who were trying to tease her with. “How many dresses have you got?” And before Wanda could press her lips together in a tight line, the way she did before answering, Maddie would cry out. “Stop!” Then everybody would feel ashamed the way she used to feel.

(a) Time went by but Wanda:
(i) wrote a letter
(ii) did answer
(iii) didn’t answer
(iv) gave a long answer


(a) (iii) didn’t answer

(b) Peggy began to:
(i) remember Wanda’s business
(ii) hate Wanda
(iii) ignore Wanda
(iv) forget about Wanda


(b) (iv) forget about Wanda

(c) The crowd of girls used to tease Wanda with questions about her _


(c) hundred dresses

(d) Everybody would feel __ the way she used to feel.


(d) ashamed

9. Answer any five of the following questions in 30-40 words each: (2 × 5 = 10)

(a) Why does Chubukov suspect Lomov when he comes to his house?
Ans. When Chubukov sees Lomov, he suspects that he must have come for borrowing some money from him. Chubukov is not at all sincere in saying “And I’ve always loved you, my angel as if you were my own son.” But in the entire play Chubukov and Lomov are seen fighting over the property or the dogs.

(b) How can you say Tricki had an affluent life?
Ans. Tricki had a rich mistress Mrs. Pumphery. He lived an affluent life. Tricki wore a little tweed coat. He had a whole wardrobe of coats and raincoats. He had many beds and bowls. He was given two dozen eggs and many glasses of wine in the hospital. He was found of cream, chocolates and cakes.

(c) Why did Bishamber’s marriage with Bholi not take place?
Ans. Ramlal had placed five thousand rupees at Bishamber’s feet. It made Bholi furious with cold contempt. She considered Bishamber, the lame old man as mean, greedy, contemptible, coward and a heartless creature. She refused to get married. So the marriage did not take place.

(d) How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life?
Ans. The book “The Travel of Monarch X” became a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life. It told him how Monarch butterflies migrated to central America and new world of science was opened before him.

(e) What did the Buddha say to Kisa Gotami?
Ans. The Buddha told Kisa Gotami that the life of mortals in this world was troubled and brief. It was combined with pain. Those who were born could not avoid dying. Such was the nature of living beings. All earthen pots made by the potter ended in being broken. Similarly, all were subject to death.

(f) How does the tiger feel locked in the concrete cell of the zoo? Why does he ignore the visitors?
Ans. The tiger is basically an animal of the wilds. He is a denizen of the forest. Being locked in a concrete cell of the zoo, he fells quite helpless. His immense strength is of no use to him as he is put behind the bars. He only stalks the length of his cage. He ignores the visitors who came to see him after buying their tickets. He doesn’t want to present himself as an object of entertaining others.

10. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words. (8 Marks)

(a) Rodrigues describes his childhood and the bakers of Goa. What does he remember so fondly about those bakers?
Ans. Rodrigues describes his childhood. Those were good old Portuguese days, the Portuguese and their famous loaves of bread. The eaters of loaves might have vanished but the makers are still there. We still have amongst us mixers, the moulders and those who bake the loaves. Those time tested furnaces still exist. It is their traditional family work. Those bakers are known as paders in Goa. The writer remembers a baker fondly. He used to be their friend. He used to visit their house twice a day. In the morning the Jingling sound of the bamboo woke them from sleep. The maid servants purchased the loaves. The bakers also sold bread bangles, sweet bread of special make, cakes and bolinhas. He collected the bill at the end of the month


(b) Describe Chubukov’s reaction when he comes to know about Lomov’s purpose of visit.
Ans. Chubukov has a grown up daugther of twenty five years age, hence wants to marry her off. As such as soon as Lomov discloses, his intention to ask for Natalya’s hand for marriage Chubukov’s joy knows no bounds. Out of excitement he embraces and kisses Lomov and showers the choicest of praises on him. Although aware of his funny behaviour but still blesses the couple to be.

11. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words. (8 Marks)

(a) Give a character sketch of Mrs. Forestier in the story.
Ans. Mrs. Forestier was a rich lady. She was a good friend of Matilda. Her Jewel case and black satin box were full of costly ornaments. She is a helpful and considerate lady when Matilda told her the story of her distress, she got ready to. help her. She showed all her golden ornaments and jewels of admirable workmanship. She did not hesitate the least in lending her superb necklace of diamonds to Matilda. Mrs. Forestier snubbed Matilda for returning the necklace a bit late. She was a pure-hearted lady. She kept the Jewel box without opening it. Her honest and large heartedness became evident when she declared that her necklace was false and of only five hundred francs in worth.


(b) How many places did the hack driver take to the narrator to search Lutkins? Did they succeed in their search? Explain
Ans. When the hack driver who was Oliver Lutkins himself, got the information that the lawyer had come New Mullion to serve a summon to him, he made a plan to befool the lawyer. He behaved very friendly towards the lawyer and won his faith. He himself offered his help to search Oliver Lutkins. The narrator hired his hack and went many places. First they went to Fritz’s shop. But they did not find Lutkins there. Then the hack driver took him to Gustaff’s barber shop. The hack driver entered the shop and asked Gustaff if he had seen Lutkins. At this Gustaff hesitated a little but then answered that he was there for a little ago. After this the hack driver took him to Gray’s shop. But even then Lutkins could not be found. There they came to know that Lutkins had left for poolroom. At last a friend of Lutkins informed them that he had gone to his mother’s farm. Thus they went to Lutkins’ house at last. There when the hack driver told his mother that the lawyer had to serve a summon to Lutkin, she went inside the kitchen and returned with an iron of an old stove. She ran after them. They ran away from there. Thus they could not succeed in their search