Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C

Sample Papers for Class 12

Please refer to Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C provided below. The Sample Papers for Class 12 English have been prepared based on the latest pattern issued by CBSE. Students should practice these guess papers for class 12 English to gain more practice and get better marks in examinations. The Term 2 Sample Papers for English Standard 12 will help you to understand the type of questions which can be asked in upcoming examinations.

Term 2 Sample Paper for Class 12 English With Solutions Set C

Section A – Reading 

1. Read the following passage.

(1) The difference in the ways of thinking and perception in the people of two different generations, which results in behavioural differences and sometimes conflict among them is usually called generation gap.

(2) Generation gap is generally seen in the family between parents and their children. It is not only because of the gap in age but also because of the way parents react to a particular situation. Children, being very young and immature, do not understand the way of thinking of their parents. In many cases, the parents, even if they are matured, do not emphasize with the changing values and thinking pattern of the modern world. This creates a communication gap between the two generations.

(3) Generation gap between parents and children is mostly caused by parents themselves. They do not talk openly to their children and do not take part in solving their problems. This behaviour gives the impression about parents being the authoritative person, because they only dictate without understanding the problems faced by their children. As a result, the children become mentally isolated from their parents. Some parents become so busy with their work that they do not spend quality time with their family which makes them completely unaware about how their children are growing, what kind of mentality is being developed in them, and so on. This ultimately creates a gap between them. They only realize it when it is too late.

(4) Changes in technology have led to the generation gap in this modern world. Children tend to spend most of their time with their digital devices and are so busy with social media, that they do not discuss their problems with their parents. The internet provides solutions to most of the worldly problems. So, children, instead of contacting their own parents, seek the help of internet in case of any problem, thus again reducing the communication, leading to a generation gap between them.

(5) The generation gap has greatly increased these days because the time is changing fast and people find it difficult to cope up with this change. To overcome this problem, the parents should show some interest in all matters of their children and deal with then positively instead of just scolding them and leaving them alone to deal with their problems. Giving time to the children, having open communication and allowing the child to feel free and not in any kind of pressure, will eventually reduce the generation gap to a tolerable extent.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below.

Question. What causes the gap between the parents and their children?
Difference in their ways of thinking. Immaturity on the part of children against various situations. Parents not emphasizing with changing values.

Question. Who is responsible for generation gap?
Parents due to their attitude towards their children are responsible for generation gap.

Question. How do children generally view their parents?
Children view their parents as authoritative people.

Question. With the advancement of technology, children spend most of their time _____________.
with digital devices

Question.What step(s) should be taken by parents to bridge the generation gap?
Parents should show interest in their children’s matters., have open communication with children and allow children to put forth their views.

Question. Most of the parents do not spend _____________ with their family.
quality time

Question. The generation gap is ______________ with the change of time.

Question. What is meant by the word ‘isolated’ in the above given comprehension?

Question. Giving time to the children, having open communication and allowing the child to feel free and not in any kind of pressure, will ultimately reduce the generation gap to a tolerable extent.Replace the underlined word with another one from lines 20-27.

2. Read the following passage.

(1) Royal Bengal Tiger is the largest, fiercest, and powerful member of the Big Cat family in India. Royal Bengal Tigers, also known as Indian Tiger and Bengal Tiger, constitute a large population of the tiger family in the world. It is the National animal of India and is found mostly in India, China, Bhutan,Bangladesh, and Burma.

(2) The biological name of this Big Cat is Panthera Tigris which comes under the Felidae family under Mammalia category.

(3) `No two Bengal tigers look alike! Every Bengal Tigers has a unique stripe pattern. Their colour ranges from yellow to light orange, with stripes from dark brown to black. Some of the Bengal Tigers are white in colour. The tail is orange in colour with black rings. Unlike the other White Tigers that have blue eyes, Bengal Tigers have yellow irises. They live for ten to fifteen years.

(4) Being fierce in nature, Royal Bengal Tigers are not much friendly in nature and live a solitary life,except in winters when they can be seen in a group of 3 or 4. Bengal tigers are fast runners and good swimmers. Tigers attack their prey in a stealth mode. They are usually spotted in swamps, mangroves, and grasslands.

(5) Royal Bengal Tigers have very sharp memory; they never forget the faces. Their memory is sharper than humans and other animals.

(6) We can find the largest population of Royal Bengal Tigers in India. As per the latest tiger census report 2017, there are 3,786 Royal Bengal Tigers in India. India has more than 75% of the total tiger population in the world. Along with India, neighbouring countries to India holds a somewhat decent population of Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. The latest census of the tigers in India and neighbouring countries are shown in the table.

Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C

(7) To know about the latest tiger population is always government’s concern, as they want to save this majestic animal from getting extinct. India has lost 97% of its Royal Bengal Tigers population in the last century. The main reason is Hunting, Poaching, Urbanization, Habitat loss and Illegal Wildlife Trade. Poaching means to illegally trade the tiger made products like tiger skin, tiger made jewellery, etc. These skins and jewellery are sold for millions in the international market. Poaching has reduced
the number of tigers to just 3,800 from 1,00,000 in the starting of the 20th century.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below. 

Question. The biological name of Bengal Tiger is Panthera _____________.

Question. What are the characteristic(s) of Bengal Tigers _____________?
Answer.The Bengal Tigers are fast runners; attack in stealth mode and are Good swimmers

Question.When was the latest survey of tigers conducted according to the passage?

Question. The number of tigers in ______________ ranges from 80 to 460.

Question. Which pair of countries has approximately same number of maximum tigers?
Answer. Bhutan and Bangladesh have approximately the same number of maximum tigers

Question. State the reason for reduction in the population of the tigers.
Answer.Poaching has resulted in the reduction in the population of tigers

Question. Pick the right word which is similar in meaning as ‘Solitary’.

Section B – Writing 

Question 3. Sunrise Global School, Agra is going to organize a one-act play competition in the school auditorium.You have decided to invite the noted stage artiste, Nalini to grace the occasion. Draft a formal invitation for her in about 50 words. You are Karuna/Karan, Cultural Secretary. 

Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C
Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C

Question 4. Attempt ANY ONE from (A) and (B) given below.
(A) In your locality a blood donation camp was organized by an NGO – ‘For Your Health’. Many people visited the camp and donated blood. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper covering the arrangements, doctors team, refreshment served, etc. 
(B) You are Ashish/Nimmi Dhar B–94, Ford Road, Jammu. You have read the advertisement given below.
You are qualified for the job. Write an application in 120–150 words along with a resume.

Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C

by V. K. Sharma (A reporter of The Hindustan)
17 March, 20XX
A Blood Donation Camp was organised by an NGO– ‘For Your Health’ in Jaipur House, the heart of Agra city. A wide publicity was done beforehand. People of the colony and neighbouring areas were pre-informed about it through hand bills. It was inaugurated at 8 a.m. sharp, by Dr. H. C. Arora with the lighting of a lamp ceremony followed by chanting of prayer to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. A team of doctors and para-medical staff had already reached there. Dr. Arora, the chief guest, was the first one to donate blood. There was a large queue of young boys who had voluntarily come there to donate blood. A medical checkup, which included sugar and B. P. tests, was done of all the donors before they were sent inside for donating blood. Two or three people were sent inside at a time for the donation. Every donor was given a glass of milk and fruits after they had donated blood. The chief guest appreciated the arrangements made by the organizing club. As many as one hundred people donated blood. They were all happy to do something for a noble cause. The camp lasted till 3 p.m. Many people were skeptical about donating blood. The doctors present there cleared all their doubts and told them the importance of blood donation. The camp ended successfully because of the appreciable response of the people. The President of NGO Mr. A. K. Sharma proposed a vote of thanks for the efforts put in by all members and expressed gratitude towards all the participants for making the camp a success. He said,
“ To save a life with a unit of your blood is the greatest good you can do for the humanity.”


(B) B-94, Ford Road
20 January, 20xx
The Managing Director,
India Chemical Industries
B–12, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi
Subject : Application for the Post of Accounts Officer
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Nimmi Dhar, a post–graduate in Commerce from Jammu University. I wish to apply for the post of Accounts Officer in your reputed company. I came to know about the vacancy from a newspaper advertisement in ‘The Times of India’.
Please find my resume attached for the purpose. I would like to add that I am a very hardworking person with a keen interest in accounting and finance. My academic qualification, age and other eligibility conditions agree to those specified by the company for the job.
I thank you in anticipation of an early response.
Yours truly
Nimmi Dhar

Class 12 English Sample Paper Term 2 With Solutions Set C

Section C – Literature

5. Attempt ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, within 40 words each. 

Question. Why was the peddler amused at the idea of the world being a rattrap?
Answer.The peddler was amused at the idea of the world being a rattrap, as the world has never accepted him. Everyone had always been unkind to him. He was amused with the idea because he himself had never led a good life, and envied others who led a better life than him. He thought that others got entrapped whereas he was not lured by the temptations and was free from them. It gave him joy to think ill of the world in this way.

Question. What troubles and sufferings do human beings face in life? (A Thing of Beauty)
Answer.The things that cause suffering and pain are despondence, death of noble natures, gloomy days and over darkened ways.

Question. Why did Derry go back to Mr. Lamb’s garden even after opposition?
Answer.Mr. Lamb had inspired Derry to overcome his disability by adopting an optimistic outlook on life. Mr. Lamb’s teachings and advice impacted Derry to tread the path showed by him, and thus, he returned to Mr. Lamb.

Question. What was the German teacher’s opinion of Evans proficiency in German?
Answer.The German teacher did not have a good opinion about Evans’s proficiency in German. He was doubtful about whether he would pass the exam as Evans could not understand even the basic pleasantries in German. So, the teacher was doubtful of Evans’s language ability

Question. Gandhi makes it clear that money and finance are a secondary aspect of the struggle in Champaran.
Comment on aspect that you think was most important for Gandhi.
Answer.Gandhi ji’s persistent efforts, firm determination, and resolution led to his success in Champaran. He went to Champaran at the request of an illiterate peasant and there he listened to the grievances of the sharecroppers and started the Civil Disobedience Movement. He became victorious and the landlords withdrew their claims over their estates and were reverted back to the farmers. They learnt courage and realised that they too, can defend. The landlords obliged to surrender part of their money and prestige. Thus, Gandhi ji broke the deadlock between farmers and landlords.

Question. How do ‘denizens’ and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of the tigers’ attitudes?
Answer.‘Denizens’ means the occupants of a particular place and ‘Chivalric’ points to honour, bravery and fearlessness. The tigers occupy their territory after much struggle and are very their own terms possessive about it. They live on and fear none, as they regard themselves as superior in their domain.

6. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120-150 words each. 

Question. How did Jack end the Roger Skunk story ? How and why did Jo want to change it?
Answer.According to Jack’s ending of the story, Roger’s mother hit the wizard with an umbrella. He, then, acted as she wished and Roger Skunk started smelling bad again. Jo wanted the ending of the story to be the other way. She wanted the wizard to hit on the head of the ‘stupid mommy’. She wants the wizard to refuse to make Roger smell bad again. Children look at this world from a different perspective. They look at people and things quite differently than the way adults do. Their perspective on life reflects simplicity and innocence. Jo has deep sympathy for Roger Skunk. Roger’s bad smell kept all the little animals away from him. The little Skunk stood alone and wept. The wizard made Roger smell of roses. He was happy. Other little animals were now attracted towards him. They now played and danced with him. Jo’s main anger is against the “stupid mommy” of Roger Skunk. It was she who forced the wizard to make Roger Skunk smell very bad again. The hero of the story is always a role model for children. The tender-hearted Jo is shocked at the attitude of that ‘stupid’ mommy. She wanted Roger’s mommy to be punished. The wizard must hit on her head hard with his magic wand.

Question. ‘The Rattrap’ focuses on human loneliness and the need to bond with others. Comment.
Answer.Each of the four characters feels lonely. Each in his/her own way makes an attempt at bonding. The crofter lived alone and was happy to have company. He welcomed the peddler and offered hospitality to him. Ironmaster thought that peddler was a captain and so invited him to his place. Edla, despite her knowledge about the peddler, insisted on his stay. The peddler, affected by Edla’s sincerity, became a reformed person. Thus one who used to think ill of society became one of its members. The peddler always thought ill a the people as they made sour faces at him. But the kindness shown by Edla transformed him.

Question. Why did Rajkumar Shukla invite Gandhiji to Champaran? How did Gandhiji solve the problem of the indigo farmers?
Answer.Rajkumar Shukla invited Gandhiji to Champaran to fight against the injustice meted out to the peasants in Champaran. Gandhiji scolded the lawyers for collecting high fees from the sharecroppers. He telegraphed Dr. Rajendra Prasad to come from Bihar with his friends who conferred with Gandhi ji, and advised Dr. Prasad and his friends what they would do if he was sentenced to prison. The senior lawyers replied that they had come to advise and help him. Being a stranger, Gandhi ji was prepared to go to prison for the sake of the peasants. They also agreed to follow Gandhi ji to jail.
Gandhiji and the lawyers had written down depositions by about ten thousand peasants and prepared notes based on other evidence. Gandhiji was served summons, but he remained firm.Then, he received a written communication from the magistrate that the Lt. Governor of the province had ordered the case to be dropped. Gandhiji agreed to a settlement of 25% refund to the farmers.