Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions given below. These solved questions for Database Management System have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 Information Technology all chapters.

Class 10 Information Technology Database Management System  Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions :

Question. How is data organized in a RDBMS?
Ans. A relational database is a type of database. It uses a structure that allows us to identify and access datain relation to another piece of data in the database. Data in a relational database is organized into tables.

Question. What is the purpose of Default Value field property?
Ans. If there is a situation when you want to enter same value for all records. Then, to avoid typing the same thing many times, you can set as a Default Value property.

Question. What is Data Transaction Control Language?
Ans. Transaction control commands manage changes made by DML commands. These SQL commands are used or managing changes affecting the data. These commands are COMMIT, ROLLBACK, and SAVEPOINT.

Question. Write any two advantages of using database.
Ans. The two advantages of using database are as follows
(i) It can ensure data security.
(ii) It reduces the data redundancy.

Question. Damini is a programmer in an institute and is asked to handle the records containing information of students. Suggest any 5 fields name and their data type of students database.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Question. What is Data Control Language?
Ans. Data Control Language is used to create roles, permissions, and referential integrity as well it is used to control access to the database by securing it. These SQL commands are used for providing security to database objects. These commands are GRANT and REVOKE.

Question. Give any two disadvantages of the database.
Ans. The two disadiantages of the database are as follows
(i) A database system creates additional complexity and requirements.
(ii) A database system is a multi-user software, which is less efficient.

Question. Write the purpose of DBMS.
Ans. DBMS is used to store logically related information at a centralised location. It facilitates data sharing among all the applications requiring it.

Question. Why Memo data type is preferred over Text data type for a field?
Ans. When the length of the field is more than 255 characters. Text data type is not capable to store the project description because its length cannot be more than 255 characters so, Memo data type is preferred over Text data type.

Question. Write any two uses of database management system.
Ans. The two uses of database management system are as follows
(i) DBMS is used to store data at a centralised location.
(ii) It is used to minimise data redundancy and data inconsistency.

Question. What is table? Also, define Candidate Key.
Ans. A table consists of a number of rows and columns. Each record contains values for the attributes. A candidate key is the smallest subset of the super key for which there does not exist a proper subset that is super key. Any candidate key can be choosen to uniquely identify the records, it is called primary key.

Question. What is the difference between ‘Rows’ and ‘Columns’ in a table?
Ans. In a table, rows are called records and columns are termed a fields. A row stores complete information of a record whereas column stores only similar data values for all records.

Question. A table named School (containing data of studentsof the whole school) is created, where each record consists of several fields including AdmissionNo (Admission Number), RollNo (Roll Number), Name. Which field out of these three should be set as the primary key and why?
Ans. AdmissionNo should be set as primary key because admission numbers are unique for each and every students of the school, which is not possible in the case with RollNo and Name.

Question. Create a table of Student based on the following table instance.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Ans. CREATE TABLE STUDENT (ID Integer, Name varchar (15), Stream_Id Integer);

Question. What is field in database? Give an example.
Ans. A field is an area, reserved for a specific piece of data. It is also known as attribute. e.g. Customer Name.

Question. What happens when text is entered in a Number type field?
Ans. When we enter text in a Number field and press Enter or press Tab key, it displays a message that ‘‘The value you entered does not match the Number data type in this column.’’

Question. Define forms and what is the need of using them?
Ans. A form is awindow or screen that contains numerous fields or spaces to enter data. Forms can be used to view and edit your data. It is an interface in user specified layout.

Question. Write a SQL command to create the table BANK whose structure is given below.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Ans. The SQL command to create a table as per given structure is as follows
Mysql> CREATE TABLE BANK (ID__Number integer (10) PRIMARY KEY, Name varchar (20), B__date Date, Address varchar (50));

Question. What does RDBMS stand for?
Ans. RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. It is a type of DBMS that stores data in the form of relations (tables).

Question. Write one example of data field for which you would set the Required property to Yes.
Ans. In a table, when we declare a field as a primary key, then the field’s Required property must be set to yes because in a primary key field, we need to enter data always.

Question. Insert some information into a table COLLEGE, whose structure is given below.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions


Question. List datatypes available in Numeric data type.
Ans. Datatypes available in numeric data type are TINYINT, SMALLCINT, MEDIUMINT, INT and BIGINT.

Question. What is database? Give an example. What does DBMS stand for?
Ans. A collection of related information organised as tables is known as database e.g. INGRES, MySQL etc.
DBMS stands for DataBase Management System. It is a computer-based record keeping system.

Question. What is the value of Entry Required field?
Ans. The value of this property can be Yes or No. If entry required is Yes, the field cannot be absent i.e. should be necessarily present with a value.

Long Answer Type Questions :

Question. Distinguish between a record and a field in a table with an example.
Ans. Distinguish between a record and a field in a table are as follows

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Question. The director of a company uses a database to store data about job title. This is a part of the database given below.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

(i) How many records are there in this part of the database?
(ii) How many fields are there in this part of the database?
(iii)What is the job title of the employee with Payroll Number M421?
(iv)Which department has maximum employees and what are their Payroll Numbers?
Ans. (i) 6
(ii) 6
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Finance department and their Payroll Numbers are A621 and M502.

Question. Define Database Management System. Write two advantages of using database management system for school.
Ans. Database Management System (DBMS) is a collection of programs that enable users to create, maintain database and control all the access to the database. The primary goal of the DBMS is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient for user to retrieve and store information. The advantages of using DBMS for school are as follows
(i) In school, DBMS is used to store the data about students, teachers and any other related things at a  centralised location.
(ii) It provides security to the personal information of the school, stored in it.

Question. Consider the following database.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

Answer the following questions.
(i)Write the name of the field that contains numeric data.
(ii) Identify the primary key field in the database.
(iii) Identify the field type of the DateofSale field.
(iv) Identify the names of the fields that contain textual data.
(v) The given table contains how many fields and records?
Ans. (i) QtySold and Amount
(ii) ProductCode
(iii) Date/Time data type
(iv) ProductCode, ProductName and CustomerName

Question. Write SQL queries for the questions from (i) to (v) on the basis of table class.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

(i) Select all the non-medical stream students from the class table.
(ii) List the names that have grade A sorted by stipend.
(iii) Arrange the records of class name wise.
(iv) List the records whose grade is B or C.
(v) Insert the new row with the following data. (06, ‘Jack’, 2800, ‘Humanities’, 98, ‘A’)
Ans. (i) mysql> SELECT * FROM Class WHERE Subject= ‘Non-medical’;
(ii) mysql> SELECT Name FROM Class WHERE Grade=‘A’ ORDER BY Stipend:
(iii) mysql> SELECT * FROM Class ORDER BY Name;
(iv) mysql> SELECT * FROM Class WHERE Grade IN (‘B’, ‘C’);
(v) mysql> INSERT INTO Class VALUES (06, ‘Jack’, 2800, ‘Humanities’, 98, ‘A’);

Question. Write SQL commands for the questions from (i) to (v) on the basis of table MASTER (contains details of employees)

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

(i) Write a command to update the salary of the employee to 40000, whose SNo is 3.
(ii) Write a query to add a column Date_of_ Joining to the table MASTER.
(iii) Select Age, Department of those employees whose salary is greater than 12000.
(iv) List all data of table MASTER.
(v) Write a query to change the data type of a column Name to varchar with size 35.
Ans. (i) mysql>UPDATE MASTER SET Salary= 40000 WHERE SNo =3;
(ii) mysql >ALTER TABLE MASTER ADD Date_of _Joining date;
(iii) mysql>SELECT Age, Department FROM MASTER WHERE Salary>12000;
(iv) mysql>SELECT * FROM MASTER;

Question. Write one example of each field, for which you would use
(i) Text data type
(ii) Memo data type
Ans. (i) Text data type It allows to store text or combination of text and numbers as well as numbers that don’t require calculations such as phone number. This data type allows maximum 255 characters to store. e.g. If Employee is a table and Emp_No, Name and Description are fields, then name will be a Text field.  Because, Name is a character entry field.
(ii) Memo data type It allows long blocks of text that uses text formatting. e.g. In the Employee table, the  field Description will be of Memo data type, because the length of description of employee may be large.

Question. Write SQL commands for the questions from (i) to (v) on the basis of table SHOP.

Database Management System Class 10 Information Technology Important Questions

(i) Display all products whose quantity in between 100 and 400.
(ii) Display data for all products sorted by their quantity.
(iii) To list S_Name, P_Name, Cost for all the products whose quantity is less than 300.
(iv) To display S_NO, P_Name, S_Name, Qty in descending order of quantity from the SHOP table.
(v) Give S_Name for products whose name starts with ‘B’:
Ans. (i) mysql> SELECT * FROM SHOP WHERE Qty BETWEEN 100 and 400;
(ii) mysql> SELECT * FROM SHOP ORDER BY Qty;
(iii) mysql> SELECT S_Name, P_Name, Cost FROM SHOP WHERE Qty <300;
(iv) mysql> SELECT S_NO, P_Name, S_Name, Qty FROM SHOP ORDER BY Qty DESC;
(v) mysql> SELECT S_Name FROM SHOP WHERE P_Name LIKE ‘B%’;

Question. Define the following terms
(i) INSERT Command
(ii) SELECT Command
(iii) DELETE Command
(iv) DCL Command
(v) Template
Ans. (i) INSERT Command It is used to add a single record or multiple records into a table.
INSERT INTO <table_name> (col1, col2…..) VALUES (val1, val2);
(ii) SELECT Command It is used to query or retrieve data from a table in the database.
SELECT column_list FROM table_name;
(iii) DELETE Command To discard unwanted data from a database, the delete command is used.
DELETE FROM <table_name> WHERE <condition>;
(iv) DCL Command DCL commands are used to assign security levels in database which involves multiple user setups. They are used to grant defined role and access privileges to the users.
(v) Template It is a complete tracking application with predefined tables, forms , reports, queries, macros and relationship.