The Hundred Dresses I Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to The Hundred Dresses I Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for The Hundred Dresses I have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses I Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How would Wanda react to being made fun of her by Peggy and Maddie?
Ans. Wanda know that Peggy and Maddie would make fun of her. Wanda would move in the streets with dull eyes and closed mouth. It was because of insults. She hitched her left shoulder every now and then in a funny way. She would alone finish the walk to school and she always remained serious.

Question. What did Maddie do after solving her arithmetic problems?
Ans. Maddie felt bad that Peggy made fun of Wanda. She couldn’t say it directly to Peggy. She was angry. But she did not show it. So, she started writing a note to her about it. Suddenly she started picturing herself in place of Wanda. She started shaking and immediately came out of her trance

Question. What was the drawing and colouring contest? How was Peggy known to fare in it?
Ans. The drawing and colouring contest consisted of designing dresses. For boys, it was about designing motorboats. The most beautiful drawing was to be declared first. Peggy was known to draw better than anyone else in the room. She could copy a picture from a magazine or some film star quiet correctly. Maddie was sure Peggy would win.

Question. Why did Peggy and Maddie not notice Wanda’s absence?
Ans. Peggy and Maddie did not notice Wanda’s absence since Wanda was a quiet girl and usually did not communicate with the other children of the class. She sat in the corner of the class and her presence did not matter much to Peggy and Maddie. They considered her inconsequential.

Question. How did Wanda describe her hundred dresses?
Ans. Wanda said that her hundred dresses were silky and very colourful. She took great pride in describing them. All the dresses she described were different from each other. One was pale blue with coloured trimmings, another was brilliant jungle green with a red sash.

Question. Why did Maddie feel guilty of herself ?
Ans. Maddie felt guilty of herself because she always supported Peggy for fun. She never stopped Peggy for making fun of Wanda. Later, she was remorseful to see the beautiful dresses gifted by Wanda.

Question. Where did Wanda sit in the classroom and why ? 
Ans. Wanda felt it comfortable to sit at the back of the class where the noisy rough boys, who got low marks,sat. She did so as she was not well dressed and her feet were dirty, where nobody noticed her.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. What was the drawing and colour contest? Who was expected to win it but who actually won it? How did Miss Mason announce it?
Ans. For girls, the drawing and colour contest consisted of designing dresses. For boys, it was designing motorboats. Everybody thought Peggy would win it as she drew better than anyone else in the class. On the day of the announcement of the winners, all entered the classroom. They saw the drawings. They stopped short and gasped. There were beautiful drawings covering the walls of the class. They were in dazzling colours. Everybody praised them. Miss Mason declared Wanda as the winner of the contest for girls. She also stated that Jack Beggles had won the prize for the boys. His design for an outboard motor was on display in Room twelve.

Question. Why did Wanda leave school? How did the attitude of her classmates hurt her? Should we have such attitude towards our classmates? How should we treat the students like Wanda?
Ans. Wanda was a Polish girl studying in a school with American girls. She was not treated well by her classmates. The girls made fun of her name and dresses. One day, her father wrote a letter to the school informing that they were moving to a big city where no one would make fun of her name and status. The attitude of her classmates had hurt her. One should not have such attitude towards their classmates. Every school and class has students like Wanda who do not come from affluent families. We should not make fun of their dresses or their status. We should judge them according to their talent and we should recognise their creativity. Moreover, every individual possesses equal right to education and we must learn to give everybody an equal and unbiased treatment.

Question. Peggy teased Wanda in school. But she did not realise that she was being cruel. She justified it by saying that Wanda lied. Are these the traits of a bully? Give ways to stop bullying in school.
Ans. Yes, these are the traits of a bully. A bully usually identifies a soft target, some one who will not retaliate and will tolerate the bullying quietly. In this case, Peggy did not realise that she is being a bully. She believed that since Wanda lied about the number of dresses she had, it give her the right to tease and question her about them. She knew it very well that she was bullying or harassing poor Wanda, but she was also conscious of not being considered a bad person. So, she justified herself by saying that Wanda has been a liar so she deserved the treatment. She bullied her with the backing of the other girls. One way of stopping this phenomenon in schools is to sensitise all the students to the individuality and uniqueness of each student. The other way is to punish anyone found bullying severely so as to deter others from indulging in bullying.

Question. How did Wanda win the hearts of her classmates at the end of the story?
Ans. Wanda was a poor girl. She had an unfamiliar name and different looks. Other students made fun of her name and called her ‘Pollack’. Peggy and other girls teased her about a hundred dresses which she claimed she had but wore the same faded blue dress. Fed up with the teasing, she left the school and went to a big city. Before leaving, she had taken part in the art competition and submitted a hundred drawings of different designs. They were so beautiful that all her classmates were amazed. They could never guess that she could be so talented. Moreover, she had proved herself right that she possessed a hundred dresses. Her classmates not only realized their mistakes but were also impressed by her creative talent. Wanda finally won their hearts when she gifted all her drawings to her class. Specially the green dress with red trimming to Peggy and the blue one to Maddie. She left tears in her classmate’s eyes. Everybody loved her and missed her. Peggy and Maddie repented for teasing and bullying her.

The Hundred Dresses I Class 10 English Important Questions