Society Law And Ethics Class 12 Computer Science Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

Students can read the important questions given below for Society Law And Ethics Class 12 Computer Science. All Society Law And Ethics Class 12 Notes and questions with solutions have been prepared based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. You should read all notes provided by us and Class 12 Computer Science Important Questions provided for all chapters to get better marks in examinations. Computer Science Question Bank Class 12 is available on our website for free download in PDF.

Important Questions of Society Law And Ethics Class 12

Very Short Answer Type Questions :

Question: How users of cyber world can safe personal information online?
1) Use of Unique Ids to protect personal account and devices.
2) Apply Bio-metric protection to safe the personal information.

Question: Give any two examples of Digital Property.
1. Online personal account such as email, communication account, social media account, shopping accounts, online storage accounts.
2. Intellectual Property including copyright material, trademarks, patents and any software or code that a programmer may have written and own etc.

Question: Posing as someone else online and using his/her personal or financial information shopping online or posting something is common types of cybercrime these days.
a. What are such types of cybercrimes commonly called?
b. What measures can you take to stop these?
a. online fraud
b. i. Strong security mechanism by the e-commerce site and payment gateways to prevent stealing of crucial information.
ii. Official guidelines and safeguards on the selling of users’s data to third parties.
iii. A monitoring official body that ensures the delivery of goods/services as promised.

Question: Why intellectual property rights be protected?
i. Ensures new ideas and technologies are widely distributes
ii. Encourages individuals and business to create new software and improve the existing application.
iii. Promotes investment in the national economy

Question: Which of the following can be termed as intellectual property – Washing Machine, Music Composition, Mixer Grinder, Email account?
Answer: Music Composition, Email Account

Question: Name some threats to computer security.
Answer: Snooping, Identitytheft, Phishing, Virus and Trojans, Childpornography, etc.

Question: When did IT act came into force?
Answer: 17th October 2000

Question: In a multi-national company Mr. A steals Mr. B’s intellectual work and representing it as A’s own work without citing the source of information, which kind of act this activity be termed as?
Answer: Plagiarism

Question: List some disability issues faced in the teaching/using computers with respect to especially abled students.
1. Unavailability of Teachers Materials/Aids
2. Lack of Special Needs Teachers
3. Lack of Supporting Curriculum

Short Answer Type Questions :

Question: Write two examples each of software in the following categories:
i. Open Source Operating System ii. Open Source Web Browser
Answer: i. Linux, Android, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, OpenSolaris, illumos, AuroraUX, Darwin,
OpenDarwin, MINIX, FreeRTOS, FreeDOS etc
ii. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, QupZilla, Midori etc

Question: Name the devices:
This device constantly looks at all the data entering and exiting your connection. It can block or reject data in response to an established rule.
Answer: Firewall

Question: What is the meaning of ‘Open source’ in the term ‘Open Source Database Management System’?
Answer: Open source means that the software can be studied, copied, redistributed freely and even modified according to one’s need without seeking any kind of permission. In order to modify such software the developers also provide the source code to the users.

Question: Out of the following, which all comes under cyber crime?
(i) Stealing away a brand new hard disk from a showroom.
(ii) Getting in someone’s social networking account without his consent and posting on his behalf.
(iii) Secretly copying data from server of an organization and selling it to the other organization.
(iv) Looking at online activities of a friend’s blog.
Answer: (ii) & (iii)

Question: Does Open source software only mean that the software is free of cost? Give 2 reason for your answer.
Answer: No, it does not only mean that the software is free of cost. Reason: It also means that the source code is available to user with freedom to use, modify and distribute.

Question: List 2 measures to secure a network.
Answer: Measures to secure a network are:
(i) Login Password (ii) Firewall (iii) Anti Virus Software (iv) File Permissions