The Triumph of Surgery Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to The Triumph of Surgery Class 10 English Important Questions given below. These solved questions for The Triumph of Surgery have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 10 English all chapters.

Class 10 English The Triumph of Surgery Important Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How did lunch become ‘a ceremonial occasion’ for Mr. Herriot and his partners?
Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey sends eggs, wine, brandy to the for the convalescing pet. However these are enjoyed by the doctor and his staff. Having an egg, two glasses of wine before and during lunch, made lunch a ceremonial occasion for Mr. Herriot and his partners.

Question. How was Mrs. Pumphrey, the owner of Tricki,responsible for its present condition?
Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey was a very rich lady. She pampered Tricki a lot and gave it a lot of rich food. It included ice-cream, chocolates, malt, cod-liver oil and horlicks. But she did not take it outside for a walk nor did she make him do any physical exercise.

Question. What was the main cause of Tricki’s problems?
Ans. The main cause of Tricki’s problems was his greed.
He was unable to refuse any food being offered to him by his indulgent mistress. He could not resist sweets like cream cakes and chocolates. All this made him fat, lethargic and ill.

Question. Why did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot ?
What was Tricki’s ailment ? How did it worry Mrs. Pumphrey ? 
Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey had a dog named Tricki. Indirectly, she was responsible for the dog’s illness. She gave him little extra between meals i.e., malt, cod-liver oil, etc. He was not given any physical exercise. So, the dog fell ill and started vomiting also. It made Mrs. Pumphrey so much worried that she had to call the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Harriot for his treatment.

Question. Do you agree that Tricki was in better hands of the surgeon who offered him no food but plenty of water, than with rich mistress ? 
Ans. Yes, Tricki was in better hands as the surgeon treated him well. He gave him the diet as per his need. He avoided over-feeding as his affectionate and emotional mistress did. The surgeon was taking good care of him personally.

Question. Why was Dr. Herriot confident that Tricki will be in hospital soon ?
Ans. Dr. Herriot was shocked to see Tricki’s condition. He knew that the latter would soon be hospitalised as he was unable to move. He had become hugely fat, like a bloated sausage and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

Question. How did Mr. Pumphrey and her servant behave when Tricki was being sent to the surgery?
Ans. The entire staff was roused, maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, night bed, cushion, toys. Everybody was in tears. Mrs. Pumphrey gave a desperate cry, when Tricki was sent to surgery.

Question. What suggestions were given by Dr. Herriot to Mrs. Pumphrey at the initial stage ?
Ans. Dr. Herriot suggested Mrs. Pumphrey to cut down on the sweet things and not to give extra food to him.He also suggested her to give him more exercises and keep him on a very strict diet.

 Long Answer Type Questions

Question. Do you think this is a real-life episode, or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture of both? (A Triumph of Surgery)
Ans. The story of “A triumph of Surgery” could be a mix of mere-fiction and based on real-life episode as well. In the current day and age, parents sometimes get overprotective of their kids or owners get overprotective of their pets. This eventually leads to destruction as too much of everything is bad. It is not to say that they are not attentive to what is wrong and what isn’t, but it is just a case of ignorance and wrong knowledge of things. For example, as depicted in the lesson, obesity is now a growing problem all around the world and parents are somewhat responsible for this problem. They feed their kids more than the actual requirement. These are some of the points that suggest that the lesson “A Triumph of Surgery” can very well be a mixture of real-life episodes and some fiction.

Question. How do you know that Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich lady?
Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich lady. This is evident from how she kept Tricki. She had a chauffeur-driven long black car. She spent a lot of money on delicacies for Tricki. She gave Tricki a rich diet as. She gave it eggs, malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of horlicks. She had many servants in her house. She had all kinds of luxuries for Tricki. These were day bed, night bed, favourite cushions, toys, rubber rings, etc. She would send many delicacies to the surgery as well. These were fresh eggs, wine, whisky, etc. These show that Mrs. Pumphrey was indeed a rich lady.

Question. During the excitement, I helped the chauffeur to bring out the beds, toys, cushions, coats, and bowls, none of which had been used. As the car moved away, Mrs Pumphrey leaned out of the window. Tears shone in her eyes. Her lips trembled. “Oh, Mr Herriot,” she cried, “how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!”
(a) Explain why Mrs Pumphrey said: This is a triumph of surgery!
(b) The narrator was once tempted to keep Tricki as his permanent guest. Why do you think he wanted that?
Ans. (a) Mrs. Pumphrey could not grasp the fact that the transformation of her obese pet into a hardmuscled animal was the result of therapy. In such a short time, Tricki had transformed, and Mrs. Pumphrey thought that Mr. Herriot must have performed surgery on him.
(b) Mr . Herriot and his staff had become used to the extravagant delicacies like eggs, wine bottles,and brandy bottles that Mrs. Pumphrey had been sending to his place. Though they were intended for Tricki’s convalescence, yet Tricki did not need them at all.

Question. Distinguish between Mrs. Pumphrey’s method and Mr. Herriot’s method in looking after the dog. Whose method could be regarded the better of the two and why ?
Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey loved Tricki, her pet dog, very much. When she found that Tricki was no more active and energetic, she tried to give more nutrients in his food to make him more energetic like malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks, an extra diet of cream cakes & chocolates. But she was not giving him exercises. Infact, Tricki was not suffering from any disease. Mr. Herriot found out the main cause of his ailment, i.e., his greed for over-eating. Mr. Herriot gave him a controlled diet, recovered him from lethargy caused by overeating and excessive fat. So, Mr. Herriot’s method could be regarded better of two as he understood the cause and remedy of the disease. He was able to treat the dog by being strict with him regarding diet and physical activities. Mrs. Pumphrey was just pampering her dog.

Question. What treatment was given to Tricki by Dr. Herriot ?
Ans. Tricki fell ill. Dr. Herriot was called upon. When he looked at the dog, he immediately made out that Tricki did not need any medicine. He was sick because he had taken excess food. So, he gave little food and stressed on lots of water and exercise which Tricki was not used to. He was served food with other dogs and was made to run and play also with them. He joined them in their friendly scrimmages. Gradually, he learnt the art of hunting rats in the old den, house, fighting like a tiger for his share at mealtimes. In other words, he was leading a normal life which he never had done with Mrs. Pumhrey. Soon, Tricki became normal without taking any medicine. His progress was very rapid. He learnt to live an active and normal life, like other dogs. He had lot of fun and he had never had such a time in his life because of luxuries provided to him.

The Triumph of surgery Class 10 English important questions