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Question. Women feel unsafe on the road, at their place of work and even at home. There is an urgent need to change the male mindset in its attitude towards women. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to make women feel safe’. You are Karan/ Karuna.


How to Make Women Feel Safe

by Karan

Women in India are considered to be Goddess Laxmi in most of the families. However, some unfortunate incidents, which took place in the recent past, have made women feel unsafe on the road, at work places and even at home. Women are treated as the weak sex in this patriarchal society. There is an urgent need to change the male mindset and attitude towards women.

There are many problems women are facing in the society. Cases of domestic violence, rape, eve teasing, etc. are not only limited to the metropolitan cities but also to the villages too. Women are unsafe everywhere. Even the public places lack women safety. The government or the police alone cannot solve this problem. It is the problem of the nation and should be addressed by each and every citizen of India.

Stricter laws should be enforced by the government regarding women’s safety. Also, the police should be vigilant and effective. Properly functioning street lights with CCTV cameras must be installed so that the perpetrators are easily nabbed. The 24-hours women’s helpline should be activated in order to receive any distress call. In addition to that, women empowerment should also be given the utmost importance. To change the male mindset in its attitude towards women, parents should inculcate in boys, respect for women at a young age. The contribution of each and every individual for the betterment of the society is a must. Only then, one can hope that the atrocities committed towards women will eventually reduce.

Question. In certain states of India there is a great imbalance in the male-female ratio. This is the result of special treatment given to boys in the family. Why is it so? How can we change this mindset? Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Gender discrimination in society’. You are Karuna/Karan.


Gender Discrimination in Society

by Karan

Our treatment of women in the past brings us no glory or honour. Indian society has never been liberal and generous towards females. Unfortunately, this discrimination continues in one form or the other even now.

There have been many reforms to empower women, however, in certain states of India there is a great imbalance in the male-female ratio. This is the result of special treatment given to boys in the family. Evil practices, such as female feticide is quite common. India is a patriarchal society, which likes to hold on to its traditional beliefs and practices for instance, women living in rural areas are not allowed to go to school. They are asked to stay at home, do the household chores and look after their little siblings. As soon as they hit puberty they are married off whether or not they are ready for it. Poverty and illiteracy play their part in such ill practices against women. Dowry deaths, marital rapes, etc. are few of the evils of the society still tormenting women everywhere, from villages to the cities.

Legislations for women remain merely words, at times unable to protect them. The Dowry Act, the Marriage Act, the Property Act, should be enforced strictly. Eve-teasing and sexual harassment of women should have no place in a civilized society. There should not be any kind of discrimination in the workplace, wages of men and women should be equal. Reservation in jobs and legislatures must become obligatory and legal. Children should be made to understand the meaning and importance of gender equality in school so that they learn to respect and treat women with dignity at an early age. Only then, gender discrimination in the society will gradually come to an end.

Question. By and large we Indians are very kind-hearted. And our religions also teach us the lesson of non-violence. Yet, we are inclined to show no kindness to stray animals (cattle included). We are cruel to street dogs, our cows (no longer milch), draft animals, etc. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How can we stop being cruel to animals ?’ You are Karan/Karuna.


How can we Stop Being Cruel to Animals

by Karuna

We are inclined to show no kindness to stray animals and cattle because we believe we have power over them. We are cruel even to draft animals whom one uses for drawing heavy loads.

Fortunately, there are ways in which we can be kinder to homeless animals. We can begin by adopting stray cats and dogs instead of buying expensive foreign breeds from pet stores. They not only find it hard to adjust with the climatic conditions, but surroundings as well. Adopting stray animals provides them a loving home and also keeps a check on their growing population.

Besides adoption, there should be animals welfare organisations or homes set up so that stray animals have a place of their own where they are provided with proper care and timely food. As a result, they wouldn’t wander off to heavy traffic roads and jeopardise their life. Volunteers from local animal shelter must collaborate with R.W.A. in management of stray animals. If necessary, the stray dogs must be neutered to prevent dog population from growing.

Government policies regarding animal welfare must be strictly enforced and adhered to so that innocent animals don’t become victims of illegal export/import.

I would like to quote Mahatma Gandhi here, he said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Being humans, we must be kind to animals because they too have the right to live an honourable life.

Question. Ragging has raised its ugly head again. A recent incident at a prestigious school has shown that this evil has not yet come to an end. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Ragging, an Evil’. You are Navtej/Navita.
* a practice from the British era
* original aim, respect for hierarchy
* enforcing traditions, discipline
* Prefect – a teacher substitute
* misuse of authority
* vulgar aspect
* fatalities
* solution


Ragging an Evil

by Navita

Ragging is an old and cruel practice, prevalent since the British era. Although, initially, it was limited to English colleges and universities eventually, it spread to Indian educational system as well. The original aim of this practice was to teach the juniors to respect the social hierarchy existing in schools, colleges and universities. Soon, it became a way to enforce unnecessary traditions and discipline them. It’s always someone in power, such as a prefect or an authoritative senior who likes to dominate.

They do not think twice before misusing their authority. As a result, juniors and freshers are made to perform humiliating acts, which can be suggestive sexual, sarcastic and even physically and mentally traumatising for the victim.

In extreme cases of severe ragging, the victim either commits suicide or gets killed.

There are laws to punish the perpetrators. However, sometimes that’s not enough. Young students must communicate to their parents, college councellors or anti-ragging squad any life threatening issues they are facing at school/colleges.

Schools and colleges must appoint trained counsellors, who can empathise with students and understand their problems.

Above all, students and parents must be made aware of the ills of ragging and how it affects the victims and their families, only then ragging can be prevented.

Question. The number of cars that a country produces every year is one way of measuring its prosperity. At the same time what the vehicles lead to are traffic jams, air pollution, road rage, an unhealthy competition in the middle class to own more and newer cars. What are your views on the issue — Private cars or Public transport? Describe them in an article in 150-200 words. You are Navtej/Navita.


Private Cars or Public Transport

by Navita Rana

Commuting from one place to another is an issue of major concern these days. Everybody is in a hurry so, anyone driving a vehicle is looking for a way that would keep them out of traffic and ahead of others. There are those who only prefer to commute in private vehicles. There are also those who find public transport more convenient, even though they own multiple private cars or two wheelers.

Whether to opt for public transport or private cars as an ideal mode of transportation is a forever on going debate.

Both private and public vehicles have their pros and cons. Both prove to be advantageous and disadvantageous at one point or other. Let’s consider them :

Private cars are faster, public transports, not so much. While commuting in private cars, one does not have to stop multiple times. Public transports stop more often than not either to pick up passengers or while away the time. The one driving the private car can also opt for the shortest route possible (unlike public transports) to reach the destination. Hence, one advantage of opting for private cars is they save a lot of time.

Come to think of it, public transports save fuel and money. Private cars consume a lot of petrol/gas, the price of which hikes every other day. Unfortunately, if the private car breaks down or does not feel like working, it’s the public transport, which comes to the rescue. Although private cars make us feel independent when it comes to travelling needs, using public transport can really help bring down the pollution.

When one has to choose between public or private transport, it is about making smarter choices. Many public transports, such as AC buses, cabs, metro rails, etc. have been made available on the road just for the convenience of the daily commuter. Compared to private cars, they are equally comfortable and fast. Yet, if one prefers private cars for everyday commute, then one must consider carpooling. It saves money, fuel and does not add much to one’s Carbon Footprint.

Question. India is a tourists’ paradise. But we have not really exploited our tourism possibilities. Write an article in 125-150 words on ‘Tourism in India’. You are Ravi/Rani.


Tourism in India

by Ravi

India is known for its rich flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, glorious past and varied cultural trends.

All this makes India a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. However, tourism in India has been constantly suffering setbacks due to the various inefficiencies in its tourism industry.

Bad and filthy roads, rickety buses, over-priced taxis and delayed trains make travelling a nightmare in India. Moreover, the absence of decent and hygienic accommodations at a reasonable cost adds to the distraction of tourists visiting India. Besides, unsuspecting tourists are often exploited by guides, tour, tourist operators, etc. Foreign tourists become victims of theft, kidnapping, etc. which not only ruins their trip, but also ruins the reputation of the country. The growing menace of terrorism is a huge deterrent for tourists.

The government of India needs to put concerted efforts in place to revamp tourism in the country. Utmost emphasis should be given to infrastructure development and in beefing up the security. Such efforts will certainly make India a leader in the world of tourism.

Question. Spurt of violence previously is known in Indian schools makes it incumbent on the educationists to introduce value education effectively in schools. Write an article in 150- 200 words expressing your views on the need of value education. You are Anu/Arun.


Value Based Education

by Arun

Values are inculcated by family and school so that the child grows up with morality and can differentiate between right and wrong on his/her own.

However, with time, the tenets of tolerance, spiritualism, self-discipline and sympathy seem to be losing their importance. Growth of nuclear families, working parents, absence of elders, lack of quality time with family members are few but important factors responsible for children being ill-behaved. In addition, schools too fail to impart proper moral values to students on a regular basis. As a result, students lack discipline, engage in unnecessary fights and take pride in being labeled as a rebel.

Other factors responsible for the lack of discipline in children are over exposure to media, lack of emotional support, over ambitious nature, peer pressure, etc. Such behaviour has its consequences too. Besides spoiling school culture and environment, it often leads to self destruction. Children, feeling depressed due to the inadequacies of life are prone to inflicting injuries on themselves. It often leads to suicide. Children, whose minds are clouded by negative thoughts, who lack moral values, harm not only themselves but are also a threat to the society and country as well. There have been many instances where youths in their late teens have opened fire on unsuspecting civilians for no apparent reason.

Spurt of violence previously unknown in Indian schools makes it incumbent on the educationists to introduce value education effectively in schools.

As Gandhiji rightly said that training of soul can be best given by a teacher. A teacher can influence the character of the student through words and actions and make the child learn the moral values at every stage.

To improve the present condition in school, morning assemblies must be filled with inspiring talks, stories, interactions, etc. Parents, teachers, counsellors and even students with a positive outlook can influence children through optimism. It is here in school that children spend maximum time of the day and learn to share, team-spirit, kindness, companionship, etc.

Question. With the rising number of people in almost all the big cities of the country, the rate of crime has also increased proportionately. The police needs to be trained in new methodology of combating the crime besides changing its mindset. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘The role of police in maintaining law and order in the metropolitan cities’. You are Ravi / Ravina.


Role of Police in Maintaining Law and Order

by Ravi

With the constant growth and expansion of cities, population is also on a rise. However, there are not enough educational institutions and job opportunities, which can provide proper education and good employment opportunity to all.

Lack of education, job and money has led to an increase in the crime rate. Committing crime is a source of easy money. Criminals do not fear the police knowing that they can either fool the police or bribe them. On the other hand, the victims believe that the police cannot help them as they are equally corrupt.

The police plays an important role in maintaining law and order. Therefore, this mind set has to be changed. The police must adopt new methodology. They must adopt advanced technology to fight crime so that the criminal is put behind the bars in no time. However, first the police academy must recruit officers based on merit. Immediate action must be taken against corrupt officers so that others learn not to give and receive bribe. Government must ensure that working conditions for the officers are made better. They should be provided with properly functioning arms and ammunition, well equipped mobile vans, etc. so that nabbing criminals is easier than usual. Also, there should be several quick-response teams in every area, patrolling on two wheeler.

Continuous workshops must be conducted to keep the officers motivated and also to train them in better combating techniques.

Once the police become more active and vigilant, crime in metropolitan cities will also reduce.

Question. The present day youth are greatly stressed due to cut-throat competition and consumerist culture. Write an article in 150-200 words on the causes of the stress on the modern generation suggesting suitable solutions.


Stressed Out Modern Generation

by XYZ

Today, we are living in an age when people are more stressed than relaxed. Due to extreme competitiveness in every aspect of life, there is always a lack of time. This then leads to high level of anxiety, mental tension and of course, the feeling of dissatisfaction. A cut-throat competition starts at school level with parents pressurising children to work extra hard and score high marks in all subjects. Students too feel the pressure of performing better than the rest. Therefore, they get stressed when they are unable to perform according to expectation. The stress builds on until it turns into health hazards, which stays on forever. Then there is stress at work front, which is worse than scoring high. Students might acquire highest marks, but this does not guarantee that it would land their desired jobs. Even if they do, there are other reasons for one to feel the stress. Desired salary, timely promotion, material growth, such as own house and car, marriage, etc. often come along with anxiety, stress and lifestyle diseases. Therefore, it is suffice to say that the present day youth are greatly stressed and to some extent, the consumerist culture is to be blamed for this.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid stress at all times. Regular exercise and yoga improves concentration and keeps the mind healthy. It decreases physical ailments, reduces behavioural problems, reduces depression, stress, thus calming one’s mind.

One should also spend some quality time with one’s family, friends and loved ones, do charity/ community service, adopt pets, go for walks or pursue a hobby in order to de-stress.

Question. Children living in cities are rarely seen playing outdoors in the neighbourhood. Being busy with other attractions like the television and computer games, they miss the joy of outdoor play. Write an article in 150-200 words for the magazine, ‘Kids Talk’ highlighting the need and value of outdoor games. You are Vidya/ Vinod.


Importance of Outdoor Games

by Vidya

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is an accurate proverb, which fits today’s scenario perfectly. Play nowadays, has actually lost its meaning. Earlier, children used to come out of their houses to play and enjoy a variety of games like hide and seek, dog in the bone, etc. But those games have lost their importance in today’s context. Children living in cities are rarely seen playing outdoors in the neighbourhood. Children are either busy with their studies or are engaged in computers or television. They love playing games on computer and enjoy watching T.V. instead of stepping out of their houses The children don’t realise that they are missing the joy of going out to play. This is indeed resulting in their lack of social development and physical too. Children are becoming physically inactive due to lack of physical activities and outdoor games. Also, some of the content shown on T.V. and internet is inappropriate for their age. Thus, spending too much time on television or the internet is adversely affecting them. The need of the hour is to encourage children to go out and indulge themselves in the outdoor games so that they can grow up to be better, healthier and wiser individuals.

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