CBSE Class 12 Writing Skills Long Compositions Factual Description Writing

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Question. Write a factual description of the new library -cum-reading room in your school for the primary class students in 100-125 words. Include details of the layout, display facility, seating arrangement, etc.

Factual Description:

A New Library-cum-Reading Room

The absence of a new library and reading room has been constantly felt by the primary class students of Ramjas School, Pusa Road, New Delhi. It was a timely and wise decision on the part of the management to construct and arrange for the same. The new library cum reading room is big and spacious so as to accommodate more than 2000 books. The new library provides open-shelf system. Students can move round the shelves and pick up the books they would like to read. The new library- cum-reading room is well lit, well ventilated and well equipped with computers, which the students can use to source information. It can seat more students than the previous one. The tastefully decorated reading room is generally full during the free periods. It has brought a marked change in the reading interest and habit of the students.

Question. Write a factual description of the multistoreyed shopping mall in your locality in 100- 125 words. Include details of layout, special facilities like ATM, restaurants, escalators, etc.

Factual Description:

New Multistoreyed Shopping Mall

A new multistoreyed shopping mall was inaugurated on June 16, 20×× in Rajouri Garden by the name 3C’s Mall. It covers a huge land area and is three floors high. All the floors are inter connected with escalators and elevators too. While the first floor has all the branded fashion attire and jewellery showrooms, the second floor has electrical appliances, furnishings and home decor showrooms. The third floor has many restaurants along with a big food court. There is also ATM facility. The entire ground floor is Kids Zone with showrooms catering to kids products, such as children’s attire, furniture, utility items for school, toys and games, etc. There is also a play area for kids to have unlimited fun time. In addition, there is also a book store, coffee shop and ice cream parlour for families to enjoy. The 3C’s Mall is indeed a boon for the people living nearby who can buy many things under one roof.

Question. Your brother is going to Chennai to write an entrance exam. You have requested your friend to meet him at the railway station and arrange accommodation for him. As your brother has not seen your friend, give a detailed factual description of your friend in 125-150 words, so that your brother can recognise him easily. You are Parvesh/Parvati.

Factual Description:

Description of My Friend

My dear brother,

My friend Purab is about 25 years old and 6 feet tall with an athletic body. He is dark in complexion and has long hair, which he usually ties in a ponytail. He has told me that he will be wearing a red t-shirt with Homer Simpson’s face printed on it and a pair of navy blue jeans. He would be carrying a name placard when he comes to pick you from the railway station. He sports a french beard and has a mole just above his left eyebrow. He has big, black eyes and a little cut on the left side of his forehead. Though, he is fluent in English, his Hindi is not perfect. He wears stone studded rings on three of his fingers, one of which is studded with a ruby.

Hope you will not have any difficulty recognising Purab now.


Question. Write a factual description of the scene at the park in your locality in the morning hours in 100-125 words. Include activities like walking, exercising, children at play, etc.

Factual Description:

Morning Hours at the Park

The morning scene at the park in front of my house is indeed a scene not to be missed. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the park during the morning hours. Some people come alone for their morning walks while others come in groups. Chatting and morning walk go together. People are all dressed up in comfortable tracksuits and sports shoes. People are seen doing their exercises, yoga, skipping, jogging, etc. Kids too bring their sports equipments to enjoy themselves in the cool and pleasant weather while they wait for their school buses to arrive. Outside the park there are vegetable and fruit sellers selling, fresh fruits and vegetables as early as 7:00 a.m. Everybody looks so happy and energetic that it motivates me to step out of my house in the morning and spend some time with the nature. It is indeed a healthy and refreshing habit.

Question. Last week the newly built auditorium of your school was inaugurated. As Deepak/Deepti Saha, the Head Boy/Girl of the school, write a factual description of the auditorium in 125-150 words.

Factual Description:

New Auditorium

Last week, the newly built auditorium of our school was inaugurated by Mr. XYZ, the MP from DP Nagar. The auditorium is very spacious and well- ventilated. It has five huge gates so as to avoid any chaos while entering or exiting the auditorium. There are total four green rooms with attached toilets for the convenience of the performers. The seating space has been designed to accommodate about 5000 students. The seats are comfortable and placed on slopes for a better visibility of the performances on the stage. Special care has been taken to build the stage of the auditorium and the floors are carpeted. The lighting system, which includes dramatic lights, spot lights, etc. and the digital sound system have been installed by a leading brand. The well equipped auditorium became an instant hit with the students and was even highly appreciated by Mr. XYZ.

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