Kings and Chronicles Class 12 History Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

Please refer to Colonialism and The Countryside Class 12 History Important Questions given below. These solved questions for Colonialism and The Countryside have been prepared based on the latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. We have provided important examination questions for Class 12 History all chapters.

Class 12 History Colonialism and The Countryside

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question. What were Paharias livelihood?
Ans. Subsisting on forest produce and practicing shifting cultivation.

Question. Why did deccan riots commission formed?
Ans. Gonernment of Bombay set up commission of enquiry to investigate causes of deccan riots.

Question. Who were Jotedars?
Ans. Jotedar were located in village and exercise direct control over a considerable section of poor villagers.

Short Answer Questions :

Question. What was Damin-i-Koh? Why did Santhals resist against Britishers during 18th century.
Ans. Damin-i-Koh was a large area given by British to Santhals. The colonial government had imposed heavy taxes on their land. The money lenders were charging high rates of interest and snatching their lands. The Zamindars asserted control over their land.

Question. Who were Paharias? What were their livelihood?
Ans. Paharias were hill folk. they lived around the Rajmahal Hills, subsisting on forest produce and practicing shifting cultivation. They cleared patches of forest by cutting bushes and burning the undergrowth. On the patches, enriched by the potash from the ash, the Pahariyas grew a variety of pulses and millets for consumption.

Question. How did American civil war affect the lives of ryots in India?
Ans. (1) Traders of the Bombay persuaded farmer for growing more cotton.
(2) Money lenders were ready for long term loans.
(3) Cotton productive area doubled between 1860-1864.
(4) The government started to collect more land revenue from peasants.
(5) Only rich farmers gained profit.

Question. When and who introduced permanent settlement?
Ans. In 1793, Lord Cornwallis introduced permanent settlement.

Question. How did the Zamindars manage to retain control over their Zamindaris?
Ans. (1) Benami sales enabled the estate to be sold at a low price back to the Zamindar.
(2) New Zamindars were attacked by former Zamindars.
(3) The ryots resisted the entry of outsiders.
(4) Some Zamindaris were declared property of ladies.

Question. Why were many Zamindaris auctioned after the Permanent Settlement?
Ans. Agricultural products prices were very low. The East India Company had fixed high amount of revenue.

Question. Why did deccan riots commission formed? Write their report.
Ans. (i) Gonernment of Bombay set up a commission of enquiry to investigate causes of Deccan riots.
(ii) The commission produced a report that was presented to british parliament in 1878.
(iii) It held enquires in the district where the riots spread, recorded statement of riots and eyewitness.

Kings and Chronicles Class 12 History Important Questions