The Patriot Summary by Robert Browning

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Chapter Summary The Patriot by Robert Browning

The Patriot (Summary)

The poem ‘The Patriot’ is written by the famous English poet, Robert Browning. Here the poet has himself dramatically as the patriot in the poem. He tells the story of a man who was admired by people as a great hero but later was rejected. Today, for the crime that he has committed, he will be hanged for that. This follows a sad note saying that he will be entering God’s realm and will be free from all misconceptions.

Summary of The Patriot by Robert Browning

It is a famous dramatic monologue. Robert Browning uses a single speaker just like in the case of The Last Ride Together or My Last Duchess. In this poem, Browning introduces a patriot whose life turns upside down in just a single year.

The poem starts  by the speaker recollecting his memories of the exact day a year ago. His countrymen welcomed him in the pathway of rose and myrtle. They welcomed him victoriously. To see him once, the roofs of the houses became crowded. Churches were swinging banners to greet him.

That day, the air was joyful with the sounds of bells. Thousands of people crowded against the walls to see him. They called him their icon and applauded him. The Patriot even assured his people to give them the Sun. This shows that he is willing to do anything for them.

He got beyond his boundaries due to his foolishness. The praises made him over ambitious and optimistic. Here, Browning mentions Icarus. Icarus became overly ambitious and flew towards the Sun with his wax wings and died as they melted away.

A year later, the patriot faces a change in behaviour from his countrymen. No person is there on the roofs or on the streets to greet him. He can see some weak and sick people sitting next to the windows. All the people have gathered at the Shambles Gate to execute him. They greeted him once and now are waiting for his execution.

Moreover, the patriot describes his present terrible plight. He is dragged vigorously by the people. The rope binds him too tight and his wrists are bleeding. His forehead is also bleeding as someone from the crowd throws a stone at him. He regrets that all his good deeds have been wiped away by the misdeeds he has done in one year.

In the final stanza, we see that he is struggling to collect some optimism. He is in a painful state. He says that it is the time for him to leave as he has served his purpose. Even though he is one step behind his death, then also he consoles himself by saying that he will earn reward in heaven. He hopes to receive God’s company even though his countrymen have failed to give the respect he deserves.

The poem ends with an optimistic note though it has misery, misfortune. He says that God will give him a fair judgement of his deeds without any regret or shame of the justification.

The Patriot Summary by Robert Browning