Input Devices Class 6 Computer Science Notes and Questions

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Please refer to Input Devices Class 6 Computer Science notes and questions with solutions below. These revision notes and important examination questions have been prepared based on the latest Computer Science books for Class 6. You can go through the questions and solutions below which will help you to get better marks in your examinations.

Class 6 Computer Science Input Devices Notes and Questions

Fill in the Blanks using the right option:

Question 1 …………… is used to click photos in computer.
(1) Headphone (2) Web Camera (3) Speakers (4) None of these


Web Camera

Question 2 Commonly used keyboard has ………………. keys.
(1) 100 (2) 104 (3) 105 (4) 107



Question 3 Bar Code Reader Consist of …………..
(1) Light Sensor (2)Light Pen (3) Heat (4) Magnetic


Light Sensor

Question 4 …………… is a pointing device.
(1) Headphone (2) Keyboard (3) Mouse (4) Web Camera



Question 5 …………… is used to add text and Picture in computer.
(1) Printer (2) Scanner (3) Speakers (4) Mouse



Question 6 …………… keys are used to move cursor in all directions.
(1) Arrow (2) Special (3) Function (4) Numeric



Write down True or False:

Question 1 Web Camera produce photos on film roll.



Question 2 Scroll button is used to move screen.



Question 3 Joystick is used to control video games.



Question 4 F1 to F12 are functions Keys.



Question 5 Delete key is special key.



Short Answer type Questions:

Question 1 What is an input device?
Ans: An input device is a hardware device. It gives data and Instructions to the computer. Commonly used input device are Keyboard, Mouse, Microphone, Scanner, Web Camera, Light Pen, Joy Stick etc.

Question 2 Name Six input devices.
Ans: 1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Microphone
4. Scanner
5. Web Camera
6. Light Pen
7. Joy Stick

Question 3 Write short Note on Trackball.
Ans: Track Ball is an input device. It is mostly used in notebook or laptop, instead of a mouse. It is a pointing device. Pointer can be moved by moving fingers on this ball.

Question 4 Write a note on touchpad.
Ans: It is an input device. It is a pointing device. Touch pad are used in laptop, instead of a mouse. It has two Buttons: Right Button and Left Button.

question 5 What is the use of Microphone?
Ans: It is an input device. It is also called mike. It is used to record voice in computer. We can give instructions to computer with the help of Microphone.

Question 6 Write a note on MICR.
Ans: The full form of MICR is Magnetic Ink Card Reader. It is an input device. It is used in banks. It is used to read special type of ink that contains magnetic material.

Question 7 Give use of web Camera.
Ans: Web Camera is an input device. It is similar to camera. But Web camera saves photos in computer

Question 8 Where is Scanner used?
Ans: Scanner is an input device. It is used to add text and picture in computer. It works like a Photostat Machine.

Long Answer type Questions:

Question 1 Write note on Keyboard and its keys In Detail?
Ans: Keyboard: – Keyboard is most common texts input device. Buttons of keyboard called keys. Commonly
keyboard has 104 keys.
Types of Keys –
1. Alphabetical Keys – A to Z
2. Numeric Keys – 0 to 9
3. Functional Key – F1 to F12
4. Special Keys – Delete, Back Space, Enter, Space Bar, Shift, Ctrl, Alt etc
5. Arrow Keys – These are four in number.

Question 2 Write a note on Bar Code Reader?
Ans: Bar Code Reader: – It is an input device. It is used to reading printed barcodes. It contains a light source, a lens and a light sensor. It’s translating optical impulses into electrical. It is used in big Mall to determine the price of an item.

Question 3 What is Mouse? Explain the functions of Mouse Button.
Ans: Mouse: – Mouse is an important input device. It is a pointing device. It is used to control cursor on the screen. To control cursor, Mouse is rolled over a flat surface. Mouse has three buttons
Left Button
Right Button
Scroll Button

Input Devices Class 6 Computer Science

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