Hardware and Software Class 6 Computer Science Notes and Questions

Notes Class 6 Revision Notes

Please refer to Hardware and Software Class 6 Computer Science notes and questions with solutions below. These revision notes and important examination questions have been prepared based on the latest Computer Science books for Class 6. You can go through the questions and solutions below which will help you to get better marks in your examinations.

Class 6 Computer Science Hardware and Software Notes and Questions

Fill in the Blanks using the right option:

Question 1 Computer is a product of hardware and …………….
(1) Software (2) Application (3) Program (4) All of these



Question 2 Set of instructions is called …………….
(1) Software (2) Hardware (3) Program (4) Application



Question 3 Group of programs is called
(1) Hardware (2) Software (3) Processor (4) None of these

Question 4 Software is mainly of …………… types.
(1) Two (2) Three (3) Four (4) Five



Question 5 Computer cannot work without …………….
(1) Word (2) Excel (3) System software (4) PowerPoint


System software

Write down True or False:

Question 1 Other name of software is hardware.



Question 2 All the instructions given in the form of program are called Software.



Question 3 We cannot touch Hardware.



Question 4 System and Application Software are two types of Software.



Question 5 System software is expensive.



Which of the following are Hardware:

Hard disk ———— > Hardware

CD ———— > Hardware

Mouse ———— > Hardware



Keyboard ———— > Hardware

Short Answer type Questions :

Q 1. What is Hardware?
Ans: Hardware refers to the physical components of computer. For example Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Monitor etc. We can touch and feel Hardware. It occupies space.

Q 2. What is Software?
Ans: Sequence of instructions is called program. Sequence of programs is called Software. For example MS Word, Games etc. Software helps the computer to work. We cannot touch and feel Software.

Q 3. Name two types of Software.
Ans: 1. System Software
2. Application Software

Q 4. Give four examples of Hardware.
Ans: 1.Keyboard
2. Mouse
4. Monitor

Q 5. What are the qualities or features of Software?
Ans: Features of Software:
1. Software has no weight.
2. We cannot touch it.
3. Software helps the computer to work.
4. These are costly.

Long Answer type Questions:

Q 1. Write the difference between Application Software and System Software.

Class 6 Computer Science Hardware and Software Notes and Questions

Q 2. Write a note on Hardware.
Ans: Hardware refers to the physical components of computer. For example Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Monitor etc.
Features of Hardware :
1. We can touch it.
2. We can feel it
3. It occupies space.
4. We can process & store data on it.

Q 3. What are the points while taking care of Hardware?
Ans: 1. We must keep all the parts of computer clean.
2. We must cover it after use.
3. We must not pull cables of computer.
4. We must press keyboard keys gently.
5. We must not eat anything in the Computer Room.
6. We must keep Hardware properly.
7. We must use soft cloth or brush to clean computer.
8. We must not clean while the computer is turned on.

Q 4. Define Motherboard. Explain any of its five parts?
Ans: The motherboard is a sheet of plastic (board). It holds all the circuit to connect the components of a
computer system.
1. Hard Drive: It is used to store all data on the computer.
2. Video Card: It gives visual information to the monitor.
3. Processor (CPU): It carries out the instructions of a computer. It is brain of the computer system
4. RAM: It is main memory. Computer system cannot work without it.
5. Power Supply (SMPS): It supplies power to a computer.
6. CD/DVD ROM: It is used to run CD/DVD in the computer.

Class 6 Computer Science Hardware and Software Notes and Questions
Hardware and Software Class 6 Computer Science

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